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Just wanted to open up this page to get the party rolling since the application opened up today. Only bad thing is that I hated my cover letter, but because I had submitted all 4 documents, it wouldn't let me go back in and... Read More

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    Quote from MichelleRN2010
    did anyone apply to l&d
    I applied to L&D! I am excited / nervous for it. Amped up my resume with some "quality" add-ons. Hopefully, this time around will be better. Last time around I was "waitlisted", meaning I wasn't a first round choice but if anyone backed out theyd call me to interview. They did. 2-3 months after I submitted the app. They called me on Friday to come in and interview on Monday. Given that I live in SD this NORMALLY would have been NO PROBLEM! But I was on a family trip in Europe!!! MY LUCK! At least the trip was fun Good luck everyone
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    OK, weird. I received an email this afternoon asking me to complete the assessment, as I guess the one I completed in April isn't the same thing. However, now I got another email saying thanking me for the application I submitted.
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    I submitted my application but I have not gotten an email for the assessment. Could someone share the link with me, or is it a link individualized for each candidate? HR is closed at the moment.
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    I applied as well. I am from West Virginia, my top units were Cardiothoracic ICU, CCU, and MICU...
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    I logged in to my account and the X below active was gone..i am assuming this is because the application is now closed.
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    Good Luck to everyone! I applied last Spring but wasn't selected, so this will be my 2nd time around & hope it works out!
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    Quote from CaliRN2011
    Good Luck to everyone! I applied last Spring but wasn't selected, so this will be my 2nd time around & hope it works out!
    Did you talk to anyone after not getting accepted into the program initially to see how you can improve your application this time around?
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    Hi Sugarlips,
    No I was so frustrated with the extended timeline of the application process that I never called. I completed the TalentPlus phone interview & my final status on the website said "We have contacted you for an interview" and I was never contacted further.
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    Hi all,

    I got the assessment and will be completing it in a moment.

    I applied to cardiothoracic, MICU and med-surg/step-down.
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    Does anyone know when they are contacting? Or how many they are hiring?

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