2 W's in Physiology

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    Hi all, so I didn't get in to any of the local socal jc's that I applied to. I had a 3.0 GPA in my sciences, a 3.0 in English. my overall gpa is about a 2.9. However I have two W's in Physiology. I've decided to re-take anatomy and physiology (which I previously passed with B's) so that I can try and get A's to raise my science GPA and also because of the recency on the classes (since I took them in 2002) and then re-apply again.

    I am about ready to transfer and need just my transferable english and math. My question is basically this, is it a waste of time to try and repeat anatomy and physio, if the W's are what's holding me back? I am thinking of transfering to a pre-nursing 4 year school, any suggestions on what I can do??

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    The W's will be there whether you repeat classes or not, if they are what is holding you back.
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    Honestly, it is not the two "W's". They might ask in the interview, what are these two "W's" for, what happened in this situation, but I do not believe it is the deciding factor. Honestly, it is so competitive out there in the medical field that the University's are not short handed with 3.5 + gpa's applying into the programs. There are so many people changing careers or deciding to further their education that it makes it soooooooooooo competitive for us.
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    Double check with the schools you are applying too because some of them take points off for W's. Some programs, like CCSF in the bay area, will not even let you apply if you have 2 W's. So if I were you I would check with the programs that you are applying to and go from there. Good luck
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    Yea most of the cc's in so cal wont let you apply with 2 W's. You are only allowed one W or Repeat in all of your science pre-reqs so that may be the reason why you didnt get in. Go back and check with the schools to see if thats the reason, and if it is you are going to maybe have to do a search for schools that will take 2 or more withdraws. I wish you the best of luck =)