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I am working on a school project and would like to know why you ( anyone that wants to answer) has chosen to work in the burn unit. Is it somthing you always wanted to do ? Feel into it? Enjoy... Read More

  1. by   kellerpatty
    I'm a new nurse working in a Burn ICU now for a couple of months. It's a satisfying place to work and have learned so much about nursing and myself. It is difficult and draining, but there is something very special about the staff of my unit. Dedicated, hard-working, caring, tough, no-nonsense, efficient, compassionate, funny, and SMART! I feel very lucky to be there. Only thing I don't like...when people ask me where I work and I tell them the BICU, and they wrinkle up their nose and say, "Oh, how awful." or "I could never do that in a million years." or simply, "Ugh!" Right now, I wouldn't trade my position for any other...
  2. by   emllpn2006
    I dont work in a burn unit but during school we got the chance to work there for 1 day. In this 1 day I learned more about people sufering and having the will to live than anything else I did. The nurses in this unit were great. We got to do more on this unit in 1 day than any were else we did clinicals. I stood for hours unwrapping grafted areas on one patient. If I ever get the chance I will work in a burn unit in a heart beat. This was one of the most memorable things I have ever done, The only thing up there with this was being in the room to watch a open heart surgery and standing with in inches of the patients open chest.
  3. by   Dieselmota
    I am seriously thinking about working in a burn unit some day. I will investigate the possibility this year as I complete my final year of BSN course work. If the two hospitals I am looking at would accept and guide a new nurse then I would accept the position. I just feel like I have it in me, feel it is a good match for me.

    Right now I do wound care- tech/nursing assistant. Wound care- watching the body heal itself- is so gratifying to me. So complex and in many ways- simple, too.
  4. by   StimpyB27
    I am a new Burn Nurse to be! I fell in love with the Burn Center while I floated there a couple of times as an NA1. The challenges there were tough. the patient acuity was through the roof! All the while I was running around helping other nurses. I learned alot and discovered an inate desire to be part of this unique team of nurses dedicating themselves to helping some of the most tragic cases I have ever come across. I wish I could tell you some of the specific reasons why I fell in love with the Burn Center, but I'd probably be breaking some HIPPA laws then. Needless to say I feel for the patients at the Burn center and I am willing to dedicate myself to making some poor victims life a little better!
  5. by   MaleRNstudent21
    I was talking about burn nursing with my mother the other day. She is also in healthcare. And we was just saying how its awful how people are victims to this horrific situation. I truely, turely, give all respect to the nurses and staff that put their hours in daily to work in this field of nursing. I myself don't think I could do it. My reason is that I'm a bit too sensitive for this area of nursing. I would come home everyday and fall apart. Thinking of how and if's on trying to give someone the courage to feel "supposively normal". When all along they are normal, and all of the things they were before. But who knows maybe after graduation I'll be a burn nurse. You never know it just maybe my future niche!

    Once again I applaud burn nurses! You guys are truely angels.
  6. by   kellerpatty
    To the note above:

    I've got to tell you that I've always been the "sensitive" one who cries at everything! I feel things deeply and always have been rooting for the underdog. I, too, thought that burn nursing was going to be too much...but to be honest with you...it is one of the most rewarding things I have done. I can hold my tears in when necessary (which surprises me tremendously) and sometimes I'll look down when I'm doing a debridement or dressing change and think to myself, "I can't believe you're doing this." But, I do do it and get through. I still feel a lot for my patients, but just knowing that I care about them and am willing to do what it takes to help them get better (no matter what form that takes) makes it better for me (and for them, I hope). Burn nursing is a terrific challenge, but one that has helped me grow and develop...it stretches me sometimes to my limits, but aahhh the feeling of knowing that I'm doing something productive. What does make me cry, is when the patient heals and goes on to not rue about what might have been (had the burn not occurred), but to press forward to make their future something better. If you think you might be interested...just try it...you might just like it! Good luck to all!