partial/full thickness burns

  1. Could you someone please explain to me the difference between a partial thickness and a full thickness burn? Thanks!!
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  3. by   XB9S
    This relates to the depth of skin damage from the burn.

    Superficial burns are damage to the epidermis.
    Injury to the dermis is a partial thickness burn
    Injury to the subcutaneous tissue, including fat is a full thickness burn.
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    thanks so much, this helps a lot!
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    could somebody please help me with this med-surg case study?

    In a professional narrative form, write a formal paper describing an analysis of the following situation, and identifying nursing assessment, problems identified, and interventions appropriate. What are your immediate priority (priorities) and your long term priorities for this patient? Include how you would evaluate your nursing care.

    25-year-old male fell out of a tree and struck a hot charcoal grill, lacerated his left leg, and his clothes caught fire
    Once brought to ED, his burns were estimated to be partial and full thickness over his face, neck, trunk, right upper arm, and left leg. He is alert, and his voice is slightly hoarse His left leg is splinted, and the lacerated wound is cleaned and debrided . IV is started, and indwelling urinary catheter is inserted into bladder. Using the Lund-Browder chart, his total body surface affected is 46%
    Assuming he did not receive any fluids prior to arriving at the ED 1 hour after burn, what would you expect for IV fluid infusion over the next twenty four hours? (Be specific in terms of time)

    Support your discussion with evidence from the professional nursing periodical literature. Be sure and document your sources appropriately and give correct credit to appropriate sources. Failure to do so will result in a 0 for the paper.

    Grading (10% of course grade):

    I Introduction-
    II Analysis of current situation with problem identification
    III Immediate priority/priorities with rationale
    IV Interventions appropriate for immediate priorities
    V Long term priorities for this patient
    VI Plan to evaluate the nursing care for this patient
    VII Summary and conclusions
    VIII Presentation of paper: grammatically correct, logical flow, spelling
    IX Use of appropriate literature to support presentation
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    Only if I get the 10%.

    I think you will find the members here to be very helpful. However, I have never seen anyone willing to do someone else's schoolwork for them. I would recommend doing the work and asking for assistance with specifics if you get stuck.