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Can anyone provide a day in the life scenario so I can get a better idea. I have a little over one year in the ER and thinking about a career change to Burn. I always thought I wanted to go into Burn nursing but never sure. I... Read More

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    I worked the burn unit for 13 years and it is it's own little world. But the pt/rn ratio is 1:1 or 1:2. You really become the primary nurse and will see them from time of injury to discharge which can be weeks to months.

    It was the variety of people we saw that made it so interesting. Murderers, farmers, a lot of industrial (electrocution, tar burns, chemical), self-multilators, cooks, lightening strikes etc. Some of the best patients to deal with were the big burly bikers (we have several known bike gangs), burned while cooking drugs - they brought the best sense of caustic humor REQUIRED to cope with rigor of being a burn patient.

    They nurses were an excellent group to work with, probably the best crew ever. I would encourage anyone interested to at least try a year or two.

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    Yes picking is correct. I agree you love it or you hate it.


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