WOOO PIG SOOIE ARKANSAS Introductions!! - page 2

Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you wish to discuss other topics... Read More

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    I'm an RN in central Ark currently in anesthesia school in Texas. Can't wait to get back home. It is HOT down here!

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    So far, I am the only one in NE Arkansas. LPN waiting for my temporary. Will be going for my RN ASN starting next Monday, 25th. Having been working partime as a PCT since Oct. I love geriatric patients!
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    I'm an RN in central Arkansas working in a CVICU. Hoping to start CRNA school in January.
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    Im in my final semester of RN school in Fort Smith...
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    I am in my second semester of a 4 semester program.....someday I will be there with you nurs2b!!( We go to the same school)
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    hey all, i am an RN in Little Rock, Childrens....went to school in fort smith....love my job...am a single mom, love to post on the boards here! great to meet y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi everyone...I'm a freshman RN student in Little Rock...so glad that Brian started these state forums...i hope to get to know you all better.
    best wishes...
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    Hello! I am from NE AR and I am going to school to become a RN. I am getting through the basics right now, so I can concentrate on my nursing classes more when I take them! If anyone has any adivce at all, plz share!
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    Hi all! I'm new to this site, and think it is great to have something like this so we can compare each other's work environment, or to just let off some steam. I'm a RN in Central AR, working in ER, and telemetry unit. Sometimes it is wonderful, and other times I wonder if I made the correct choice of making nursing my career. Love working with the patients, but hate the politics on the floor from the staff. Also hate the understaffing, and having 15 very ill patients to attend to. Too much stress at times. Oh well, just had to vent a bit at the end there . Nice to be here.
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    Hello everyone, I am an LPN in long term care. Went to nursing school at age 53 and love it. Hope to make some new friends on this board.

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