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Where do Nurses Work in Arkansas?

  1. 0 Wanting to move. I was wondering where the nurses work in Arkansas. What type of positon? etc.
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    I live in Conway and I know that Conway Regional Hospital has around 15 RN jobs listed.. Plus we have tons of doctor offices and etc. in town. I plan on working right here in Conway when I get out of school. My cousin got a job in CCU right out of nursing school - she loves it.
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    It appears you'll have better luck if you are an LPN. I moved to Mountain Home in July and was hired @ a local hospital. It seems there are less and less RN positions open anywhere around this area of the state. And the pay compared to a western state where I moved from is extremely low.
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    Hi Witty3! I see where the hospital in Conway has a lot of RN positions available.....even though it doesn't specify RN level I or New Grad position....Is it safe to apply?!
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    I don't think that Conway Regional has for say a New Grad Position. Some position will state that a certain amount of RN experience is needed and for those that don't I would apply. I find that Central Arkansas (Conway & Little Rock) have ton of RN jobs. Trying to find RN jobs in a hospital in a town like Mountain Home has to be hard even when the economy is good.
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    Thanks....I'll probably give the nurse recruiter a call just to make sure.....I saw a couple that stated "1 yr of acute care preferred" so since its not required makes me think its okay for new grads to apply.
    Good luck to you in your search for a job! Ive never been to Mountain Home do they only have one hospital?
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    Moving toward the central area of the state may not be a bad idea to work. More clinical settings to network in and proximity to advanced education. Sounds good to me. I wouldn't want to live in the Rock though.
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    On another note, most of the state RN positions start out at the C120 or C121 pay grade. If I recall correctly (former state employee) the C120 starts out just over $37k.

    Is that more or less than the average entry-level, private RN job?

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