What department do you work in?

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    I was just wondering what departments everyone works in and what certifications they have...

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    I work Geri-psych on Senior Behavioral Health.
    I also have experience in Mother/baby, ob delivery, ortho/urology, and minor emergency centers/work comp injuries/pre-employment physicals. Also I have done Case Management and home health, and a Nursing home for the Rich Elderly.
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    Recent LPN graduate awaiting my temporary. Will be a float in a hospital. Also, will work altern. weekends at NH. Will be going to RN-ASN. school next Monday.
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    I am an LPN student, I am hoping to get into either L&D or ER upon graduation. I have worked as a CNA since 1995 in area nursing homes and home health agencies. I applaud anyone who can work in geri, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents so I got easily attached to the old folks in my nursing home, it was so hard to see them pass on.
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    Hello everyone. I have been a R.N. since 1994 and have worked in the NICU my entire nursing career. I am currently working in Tulsa and am in Neonatal Nurse Practitioner school. I just recently finished my clinicals and anticipate graduating with my Master's Dec. 2004. It has been a long haul, but I hope it will all pay off in the end. I love my nursing career and love the patients I work with. Good luck to everyone starting their new careers as nurses.
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    I am currently working in a family practice clinic where my brother is the doctor.

    I am ACLS certified and have a history of working in cardiology and long term care.
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    am currently working in infant/toddler unit at Children's
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    I'm a LPN working in a nursing home, for the past 8 yrs. I love it or I wouldn't be here. Have been night supervisor for 7 yrs. I run 3rd shift totally. I'm usually the only nurse at night. I have 5 to 6 cna's depending on the census. Here lately census is down and its really hard with 5 aides but we have to do what corporate says. Anyway, I'm working on my RN but its home study so it will take awhile. I'm always working overtime because no one likes working nights but me.
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    I work mostly in CVICU as the Team Leader. I also work in our ICU which is a combination of SICU and MICU as Team Leader. I have been doing CVICU and CVOR for almost 14 years now.
    And finally, I will be moving to Arkansas this December to begin my CRNA schooling this January 2004 at ASU in Jonesboro.
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    I was originally hired to OB, but asked to transfer. So, I got a position in med-surg which is fine, because I decided that I wanted to work on the med-surg unit anyways. So, I work med-surg and pick up shifts in OB when they are short-staffed (post partums and surgeries only)

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