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  1. ]To all:

    I plan on applying for the ASN program at the University of Arkansas Little Rock in fall 2010. I'm currently completing Anatomy & Physiology I (the only prereq. required to be complete to apply to the program). I should finish A&P I with an A (very easy class). I do have other support courses complete, because I hold a BA from the University of North Texas. I plan on taking A&P II in fall 2010, since the ASN program doesn't officially start until the summer (assuming I get accepted).

    My questions:

    1. Are there any others applying for the same program?
    2. Do you think I will be accepted with two A's in both A&P I and II, given I have a lot of support courses complete?

    Any other advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Healthy regards,

    Aaron Wade

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  3. by   Taja3682
    You should be absolutely fine. I just graduated from there in May. I was a post-bacc as well.
  4. by   ag.wade

    Thanks for your reply! Hopefully I will be accepted.

    Healthy regards,
  5. by   maxamillion
    acceptance is dependent on your overall quality points. two A's is a good start, but what is your overall quality points? you'll need around 80 quality points to get in.
    A=4 points
    B=3 points
    C=2 points

    multiply that by the hours of the class gives you 16 quality points for that one class. the quality points can only be used for support classes to the RN program.
  6. by   ag.wade

    Are you referring to the ASN program (not BSN)? The only prereq. to apply is A&P 1. Here are my grades for the support courses.

    Composition 1 - A
    Composition 2 - B

    Math - C (Elementary statistics and probability)

    Anatomy/Physiology 1 - A
    Anatomy/Physiology 2 - Will take spring 2010

    Chemistry - C

    - US History 1 - B
    - US History 2 - B
    - American Government 1 - B
    - American Government 2 - B

    Psychology - C

    Microbiology - Will take spring 2010

  7. by   maxamillion
    I was talking about the ASN program. It is somewhat competitive. In my class, 400 people applied, 200 got in. My quality points were over a 100 and I got into the accelerated class. Based on your grades, I'm guessing you have about 76 quality points. You may have to retake a math (college math or algebra) and you probably won't be able to count both american gov classes. Your spring classes may or may not count towards quality points because registration is done in jan-feb, before you finish class, but once you do finish classes, take your grades to the nursing dept ASAP! Good luck.

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