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Does anyone know how many quality points are needed to get into UALR's ASN program? I have about 80 and I am hoping this is enough but would like to know a general range to put my mind at ease. Thanks so much!... Read More

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    I'm at twelve saturday. I'm doing my pictures tomorrow! I'm excited (:
    I feel like I should be preparing myself more but I have no idea what to do! I guess i'm just ready for this show to get on the road. lol

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    Hey guys, I'm in the traditional program as well. Which class did you enroll for summer?
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    Nursing Fundamentals-- NURS 1300. There is another discussion that was started by nursingstudentAR entitled UALR Class of '13'. We have been posting our schedules there. There aren't many of us on there but it has been nice connecting with a few people. Congrats on your acceptance. Hope to see you in class.
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    @jaggedlittlejill -- Nurs1300: I have supervised clinicals on Mondays. Lecture T/TH 8-11am. Unsupervised pratice on tuesdays 12-4pm. Hope to see you around!

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