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Hello, I am applying for the UALR nursing program starting in Fall 2011 and I was just wondering if anyone knows how low they went for quality points last year or on average? I am currently taking A&P II and Chemistry right now... Read More

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    can you guys detail how they teach bedbaths and phlebotomy at ualr? I know those are the two "scary" things about nursing school for most people.


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    Bed baths are covered first semester in "orientation" type clinicals. We met with our clinical instructors in the SIM lab on campus and practiced on the "dummies". We also practiced physical "head-to-toe" assessments on each other. You will get a chance to do the bed baths in the nursing home and in the hospital, but that isn't something people should worry about... you don't get a grade for how you do a bed bath! The physical assessment is much more important to get down than a bed bath. I can't stress enough to make the most out of your time in SIM lab. It is the best way to get hands-on practice without worrying about working on a living person. Get your basic skills down and once you start practicing them in the hospital during clinicals you will be more confident. Gotta be able to do all that stuff quick because there's a LOT of paperwork to turn in for clinicals... most of which is your physical assessment.
    As far as IV's/blood draws, you don't hit on that until 3rd semester in OB. Liz and I haven't made it that far yet... we start that at the end of May. My understanding of the teaching though, is that again, it is done in the SIM lab setting. I have seen "dummy" arms up there that have blood bags attached to them. That is what they use to teach you on.
    Don't "sweat" the small stuff, but definately learn it. Those basic skills will be critical to your survival. Oh... and adaptability! You MUST be flexible during school or you won't survive. The schedule is crazy and things change all the time. Just know that whatever you start out expecting will happen, probably won't!
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    Thanks Christy. Appreciate the info! I was wondering how they were going to fit everything into 6 weeks! What you described makes more sense.
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    During the 6 weeks in the summer you will have 4 check-offs that you must pass.

    1. Sterile dressing change
    2. Vitals signs (pulse, respirations, temperature, blood pressure)
    3. Foley Catheter (need to know male and female but will only check off on one)
    4. Medication administration (very detailed. Make sure you have down the landmarks for giving the different injections.)

    You will also have to take a medication calculations test on the computer. You have to make a 100% on it, but it is BASIC math. There are multiple times to take the test so no worries.

    You need to learn the patients 5 rights as part of the check offs too. There are also 6 medication rights that you will need to learn for the med administration check off. They will give you all the tools you need to pass... you just need to put in the time and effort to get your technique down. You will also have to buy a handbook for the course which has a TON of info in it. It includes step-by-step procedures for each check-off. You will also have to buy a SIM kit at the bookstore which will have all your practice and check-off supplies in it. Budget about $125 or so for the kit!
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    How are the lecture tests? Im so nervous. I don't know if it's going to be off of just lecture material or out of the book too. I guess I'll find out soon enough. lol
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    @Mrs.Mumz - Lecture exams are definitely doable. As long as you read the assigned pages and pay attention in lecture you'll be fine. In my opinion, you rarely have to take notes unless the instructor say's, "I would know..." The more exams you take, you will be able to point out the information the instructors want you to know. I.e. - critical labs, ABC's, nursing process, etc.

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