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Who got in?!?! I did! Everyone excited? I have lecture t/th 8-11am & my clinicals mondays. Unsupervised practice 12-4pm. Anybody have the same? Whooooo (:... Read More

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    haha..i had (moderator edit of name - please do not name names of individuals in your program per tos) as well. and yes that sounds really good. did you not get to do the pretend check off? i did it and got everything right the first time and did exactly like you explained. just role play being the actual nurse. and for the respirations she told me to tell them, "ok, now i'm going to check your respiration rate. can you put your hand on your chest (and show them how with you hand on you). ok, i'm going to put my hand on your hand if that's ok." then you just put your palm on there hand and count for 30 sec. easy.
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    We had to go to the meeting ):
    Well, awesome! I just wanted to make sure I had everything right!
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    Wow guys we only have one more exam and check off and we'll be done for 6 weeks. This summer program has been intense but fun, I've enjoyed it. I'm saying a prayer that we all pass med check offs on the first try.
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    Indeed. One test and one med check off left!
    I'm pretty excited! BUT extremely ready to have a tiny summer break from school. Lol.

    I plan on not doing ANYTHING for the next month (:
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    Congratulations to everyone who has completed our first course--Nursing Fundamentals--and an official welcome to nursing school!! I believe that most would agree that these past few weeks were stressful, but we learned so much and met so many great people. For those who did not make it, I wish them well in their endeavors and encourage them to not give up on their dreams. Reapply and try again. I look forward to seeing everyone in the Fall....

    Don't forget to order your uniforms and turn in your VA packet....

    Enjoy your break and once again
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