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Hi everyone:redbeathe...can anyone tell me roughly the pay here in Arkansas for an LPN and an RN, hospital and or dr. office ? And also, if responding could you include which part of Arkansas? Thank... Read More

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    I am looking to relocate by Marcella AR and I am from SE Oklahoma. I am an LPN but would like to get my RN pretty soon. I currently work at a LTC making $19/hr and I have 6 years exp. Can anybody tell me the best place to work in that area with the same rate of pay or at least close to it? I have about 4 yrs exp with ventilator patients and 6 yrs with geriatrics as the LTC I work for has a ventilator unit and if you work it, it is usually $20/hr. Thanks so much!

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    I wanted to re-start this thread....I am going through a divorce and have re-located to Ravenden Springs, AR. I am wanting to become an LPN and work my way through to a doctorate in psychology. I don't know this area at all and know little about pay rates. What can I expect to make in 2011 as a LPN fresh out of school? If you could please include if it is at a hospital, LTC, or doctors office. I am trying to figure a few things out and what I can expect.
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    Also, if you could please say what city you are working in as well. This information would be most helpful! I know that the cost of living in Arkansas,mostly, is cheaper than Savannah but am still trying to figure out what I can mostly look for as pay. If there are any secrets anyone has to making a good resume, I also need to get a job now!
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    New Grads in the Little Rock, AR area $19-20 starting out with BSN

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