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is there a lpn program in jonesboro ar

  1. 0 is there a technical school in jonesbor arkansas that offers a lpn/lvn program? i am currently a student in okc and i graduate in may. this has influenced my sister to seek a career in the medical field. I plan to attend ASU in the fall to get my BSN so my sister wants to attend a lpn school in the same city for support. is asu her only option??? please help us....... :
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    I did a google search for licensed practical nursing programs in jonesboro but do not know the zip code so could not search for closest school. Try doing that.
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    i tried but all i kept getting was online degree courses. i dont know the zip
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    Here you go. This is the only one I could find, and I believe it is the only one that they have there:
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    i tried to visit the site, it was not responding @ that time but i will try later. thank you for your help and good luck with the baby and school. it can get rough (i have 3 and it's tough going to school and raising a family.
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    #5 0 this site is active
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    In case anybody is still looking, I found one offered at Arkansas State University Technical Center, located at 5504 Krueger Rd in Jonesboro. I found this on an updated list of state approved LPN programs in Arkansas and the phone number for the practical nursing program is (870) 932-2176. This is currently the only approved LPN course in Jonesboro.
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    Moved to AR Nursing Programs Discussion forum.
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    #8 0 It took me awhile to find it. They have a Newport location as well as one offered in Jonesboro.