challenging lpn boards in arkansas

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    Does anyone know if you can challenge the lpn board in arkansas. I am attending UALR program and some students say we may be able to challenge it after completion of the second sem. Does anyone know of this.

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    Maybe try asking this question to someone at your state BON?
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    I have, waiting for a reply now. But I beleive my classmates are correct
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    i'm a hospital corpsmen and i'm certified as a pharmacy technician who to test for the lpn exam in any state:caduceus:
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    You would not be challenging the LPN exam, you would have completed the required hours of training that are needed to sit for it.

    It is up to the individual state if they permit it or not, some do and some don't.

    As far as challenging the LPN exam because you are a corpsmen, there are only two states that currently allow you to sit for the exam, that I am aware of. They are CA and Virginia. All others require actual completion of a nursing program. And the LPN license, when obtained in either CA or VA, will not be accepted for endorsement to other states, as you will not have met thei educaitonal requirements for those states.

    You only have the option of Virginia or California. Not all of the states.
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    Just wondering if you know how long ago a person could have taken the nursing classes to be eligilbe to challenge the boards.
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    I've been told that we're eligable to take the lpn test (although I've heard it referred to as challenging the test) after the junior year of a BSN program, not after 2 semesters. That's just from other nursing students and LPNs though, not anyone actually "in charge". Let us know when you hear back for sure.

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