baptist LPN program - applications, acceptance, etc.

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    does anyone know how many people on average apply to the baptist LPN program and how many are accepted? i read somewhere that the classes are 60 people, but i've heard from people who attended that this is not correct -

    im applying for the LPN program that begins in january and am worried that because im 26 and have had only a year of college courses will put me in the pile for non-admission - i realize that the requirements dont go beyond a high school diploma, but i know that a nearly 8 year gap in my education might seem a little strange to them - i did well in school and great on my ACT, and i think ill ace the NET exam, but im still concerned.

    I didnt stop going to college because i didnt want to go, i stopped going because i wasnt sure about where i wanted my education to lead, and now that i've been out working for the last 7 years, i have been able to have experiences that have led me to exactly what i want to do, and its nursing!!!!

    I'm going to an open house at the school later this month, but any input that anyone can give me to just ease my mind and calm me down would be greatly appreciated!

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    I applied there back in oh i believe 2005 for the RN program and was told how hard it is to get in but found that wasnt exactly the case. The hard part was coming up with the money since they did not participate in the pell grant programs. Needless to say i ended up withdrawling before school started and i went to ualr. But the fact that you are 26 and have been out of school awhile shouldnt be factored into whether you get admitted or not. Nursing has alot of "non-traditional" students. I went to school with quite a few people that nursing was a second career for them.
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    I am very late in seeing your posts but I am currently in the Baptist LPN program and just made it to second semester, Junior Status. In my class that started in July 2008 we started with about 90 students. We have 63 I believe right now. The program is very doable but just be ready to buckle down and study and get with a good study group. The program moves fast and you either get it or you don't. Just don't let yourself get behind. Good luck and remember it is doable. Relax and you will be fine.
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    Hi, I just graduated from the LPN class at Baptist. We had around 90 accepted for our class and graduated 63, but don't let that discourage you. Just read, read, read and don't get caught up in the cliques (yes they are there!) unless it's one that will help you study!! It is a fast program and some of the instructors seem harsh but they are there to make you learn it and they will really help if you are willing to listen! First semester is the hardest but you can do it if you set your mind to it. As far as the age thing, I am 32 and I did just fine. Good luck and keep us posted!!
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    I have heard people say that the first semester is the hardest but I have also heard that when we start back in January it is going to be tough for the first couple of weeks and then it will settle down. A lot of my class is still stressing about the Hesi also. Did you really enjoy second semester?? I just want to get the skinny on what I have to look forward to. I am excited though and you were so right about the cliques. I have a small study group and I try to avoid all the rest of that nonsense
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    Did they give you your "homework" for the break?? More abbreviations?? They aren't that bad, 25 questions. The Peds and OB is tough on some people-just be sure to read your stuff and do the homework pages they give you (easy points!). Hesi isn't too bad if you read and know the basics and don't stress about it! Most of the people in my class that had a hard time with it had major test anxiety and that can hurt you. Do the medspub as much as you can and practice with your NCLEX prep book. Also going through the process of elimination with your answers-what are you gonna do to save the patient?? The instructors aren't as hard on you towards the end, and they will do anything they can to help you if you need it and ask! It can get crazy towards the end as far as tests go (SR meds-do the packet and study it!) but just be prepared and you'll do fine-don't procrastinate or it will bite you in the end-literally! If you ever need help and want to private message me. Good luck and have a great break!
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    Aahhhh yes we did get the list of abbreviations along with several chapters to read and take notes over for Med surg and pharm as well as about 7 chapters in the peds book and 5 in the OB book. The day we went out on break our instructors were like have fun and get some rest. Yeah right. We are still in school we just aren't going out to the campus. I have been busy over the break working as a PCT at Big Baptist and I am finding it fun. In between I am doing the Meds Pub and trying to get myself prepared for January. I really want to enjoy this semester and not stress out too much. I really appreciate all the tips too its nice to talk to someone who has been where I am attempting to go. I will stay in touch. Have a wonderful christmas and a blessed new year.
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    this may be an insane question, but welcome day for the LPN program is the 29th, and it didnt say anything in the packet i got about a dress code (other than shorts are not allowed) for welcome day - how do people typically dress for this day???? casual??? i just dont want to walk in overdressed or underdressed and look like an idiot, but then again, im already in so i dont really have to "impress" them....
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    Usually just casual, but no jeans-Baptist policy is NO JEANS!! LOL!! Also like they said no shorts- I wore some khaki type pants and a sweater (it was cold that day) last year and will probably do the same this year. Some people wore their scrubs and there were people there in jeans (mostly black jeans). I don't know if anything was said to them or not, but I also worked at Baptist before that and knew the policy. I will be there on the 29th also-I'm starting the LPN to RN, maybe I'll see you there!
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    I was talking with a classmate that worked the orientation day for your class on the 29th and she said that your class has a total of 133 freshman accepted. Wow that is a lot. We started with I think 98 and we were busting at the seams. Anyway just want to wish you good luck and if at all possible try to sit as close to the front of the class as possible.

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