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does anyone know how many people on average apply to the baptist LPN program and how many are accepted? i read somewhere that the classes are 60 people, but i've heard from people who attended that... Read More

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    Quote from Preemie2RN
    Usually just casual, but no jeans-Baptist policy is NO JEANS!! LOL!! Also like they said no shorts- I wore some khaki type pants and a sweater (it was cold that day) last year and will probably do the same this year. Some people wore their scrubs and there were people there in jeans (mostly black jeans). I don't know if anything was said to them or not, but I also worked at Baptist before that and knew the policy. I will be there on the 29th also-I'm starting the LPN to RN, maybe I'll see you there!
    I see where you will be starting the Fast track program. You will have to keep me posted on that because I too want to complete this program and go ahead and fast track for my RN. I can't believe how fast this break has gone but to tell you the truth I am ready to get back and get this second semester over with. I have been working lots of 12 hour shifts at Big Baptist over the break. Gotta keep the skills fresh.

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    I was just wondering if the people who got accepted into the LVN program could tell me what there GPA was when they were accepted!? I didnt make it into the RN program (with all A's & B's) but I didnt do so hot on the NET exam because I ran out of time for the reading portion! Can any one help me out.. I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

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