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ASU Accelerated BSN Program

  1. 0 Any of you apply to Arkansas State University's Accel. BSN program?

    Anyone know when they'll make their decisions?

    To quote Tom Petty; "The wai-ai-aiting is the harrrrdest part."

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    I applied! Can't wait to find out! Acceptance/rejection () letters are supposed to be sent out the first week of June, as per the pre-nursing advisor. And orientation is supposed to be June 18th, again per the advisor. Good luck! I hope we both get accepted!
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    Hi Murseinthemaking, thanks for the info on the accept/reject letters! One more week!

    One thing though--on the applications, it says June 11th for orientation....?

    Yes, good luck to you and I hope we both get in, too!
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    Yeah, I saw that too. Then, I don't know if you've read the FAQs or not, but on there it says orientation is usually the Thursday or Friday before classes start, so I was wondering which was correct and e-mailed the pre-nursing advisor and she said the 18th. So, who knows?, but I'm going with the 18th for now. I'm sure our acceptance letters will give more info.