Anyone else apply(ing) for UALR Nursing program starting in Fall 2012?

  1. 0 Hello all!
    Just wondering if any other Arkansans are or have already submitted their application to the UALR 2012 program! I turned mine in on 1/2/12 & I'm so nervous to hear if I got in or not! Come on March!!!
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    Hey! I have applied for the UALR 2012 program. I am nervous as well. Have you received anything in the mail? or do we have to wait until March?
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    Hi there!!! No, I havent received anything from them yet and from past year's posts it looks like letters go out in March. Good luck to both of us & hopefully well be on this same journey!!

    Do you have all your pre-reqs? The one I still need is Micro.
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    Hey, I'm taking Micro this semester. That's all i have for UALR. I also applied for Baptist.
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    Awesome! I will take Micro in the fall, regardless, but that is all I have left. I have applied for Baptist, but havent taken an updated ACT yet. I'm kinda holding out to see if I get into UALR which is the one I really want...

    Much Luck!
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    Anyone else? The priority deadline is near! Yay!!!!
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    Moved to AR nursing programs for more of a response.
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    Hi! I'm at Henderson State and I've heard some not so great things about it. So I was considering UALR. Have y'all heard good things about the nursing program? Obviously you like it because you've applied.
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    Thanks Medic2RN!

    I am a proud Trojan with a BS in Crminal Justice from UALR, so I was excited to apply there. I have heard good things about the program, but I also have from Baptist and other schools as well. Have you submitted your application?

    I am about to die to find out if I got in! LOL
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    I'm currently in the UALR nursing programs. Good Luck guys, I'm sure you all will make it!!!!!
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    Thanks Witty3!! I've actually read some of your previous posts! I'm so darn nervous! Counting & recounting my quality points, stalking the mailbox, wondering if it'll be a letter or packet that'll come... Ugh! Lol Thanks for the encouragement!
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    Hey I heard ualr will mail out letters at the end of march! Booo I was hoping to find put sooner.
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    Yea, I heard that too. Boo! I also heard today that they have close to 600 applicants!!! Omg! I'm a wreck!

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