Anyone else apply(ing) for UALR Nursing program starting in Fall 2012? - page 3

Hello all! Just wondering if any other Arkansans are or have already submitted their application to the UALR 2012 program! I turned mine in on 1/2/12 & I'm so nervous to hear if I got in or not! Come on March!!! :lol2:... Read More

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    Yikes! Can we pay with a payment plan?

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    Hey, this is a question for past ualr students. Are you able to work part time for a hospital during school?
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    It is possible to work part-time if you know how to manage your time. I know people who have worked throughout the entire program (including myself). Do I work 40 hr/wk? No. But, I do work ~ 25 hr/wk. Make sure your employer is very flexible, because you will need that.
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    Thank you!! I will have to quit my current job bc hey need full time during the day. If anyone knows of any jobs that are flexible while in nursing school, please let me know!Thanks!!
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    I do think UALR has a payment plan program but I would call the financial aid department for details. I would also apply for financial aid and pell grants.

    I'm married with three children and have worked part-time while being in the program. Some people work full-time some can't work at all just depends on how you manage your time and how much sleep you require - lol.
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    I am starting my 2nd year in the accelerated program. I have worked at night 36+ hours/week and maintained a high GPA. In all fairness I am not married nor do I have kids. It is possible to work, but you have to know how to manage your time and know how to study. The program isn't easy but it is achievable. You must be prepared to put in the work and be flexible to change. READ BEFORE COMING TO CLASS! You may not understand but at least be familiar with the information. It helps to reinforce the information. Also know how you learn. Are you auditory, visual, kinesthetic? That will help you when you are taking notes in lecture or studying. No program is perfect but always keep a positive attitude.
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    I don't think they allow payment plans for summer, but they do for Fall and Spring semesters.
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    Yes...LOL...sleep is such a precious commodity....LOL!!!
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    Quote from shenderson16
    Hey, this is a question for past ualr students. Are you able to work part time for a hospital during school?
    many of the hospitals will hire you after your fall semester as a tech. You will get a higher rate of pay than an aide, and be able to do any of your skills you checked off on this summer. They all seem to be flexible with your schedule since it is a position only for students. one hospital in little rock requires at least 24 hours per month to keep the position...which is doable in school

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