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Anyone out there apply to the accelerated program at ASU? Does anyone know anything about the program?... Read More

  1. by   agentarjuna
    Quote from tiageo
    hi, i am planning to apply to ASU for acce BSN ,my GPA is 3.90. do i need to finish all the pre-reqs b4 application? gpa of my undergrad and preqs ,what else would be their criteria for admission ,does any knows?
    Your previous degree must be a bachelor's degree. You must have finished all the pre-reqs before starting (but if you're taking the very last one over summer, that counts, I believe). Your GPA will be fine. Those are the only criteria for admission: GPA, previous degree, and completion of pre-reqs.
  2. by   ArkansasFan
    I had the app to enroll in the upcoming ASU accelerated class, but I elected not to go that route. I'm not so sure that nursing is the medical venue for me, plus I don't want to live on that side of the state. However, the big drawback for me was the inability of the faculty/staff of that program to provide me with any relevant information.
  3. by   sserrn
    Hey guys! I know this is a somewhat old post. Wondering if anyone here is applying for admission this fall? Apps due May 15!!
  4. by   kitkats4breakfs
    Ok, So I am looking at ASU's Nursing pre-reqs and it's a long laundry list of about 16 classes? ... is that correct, because usually the pre-reqs for nursing programs consist of only ANP I&II, Chemistry, Nutrition, Psych, Sociology, and microbiology. I will have an Associates degree by spring 2011... if that makes a difference.
  5. by   agentarjuna
    KitKats, you're looking at the wrong program if you have an associates. This thread is about the accelerated BSN program, which is only available to people who have a previous bachelor's degree (in any field). The traditional program, I believe, has a much shorter list of prerequisite classes.

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