Where can I find the best $ after completing CNA training? Where can I find the best $ after completing CNA training? | allnurses

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Where can I find the best $ after completing CNA training?

  1. 0 Hello all!, Im looking for work as a CNA. But before I look any further I'd like to see what some of you experienced CNA 's have found to be good paying jobs to start out @? hospitals? retiremnt homes? burn unit? ICU? I did clinicals at Coranado health center (PHX) but I'm looking for something near Surprise.
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    I have never been a CNA, but from what I can tell, the Banner hospital system pays minimum 10.39/hr and maximum 16.62/hr.

    If finding a CNA job is as difficult as finding a RN job, it won't be a question of who pays best. The question will be, can I even find a job?

    Not many hospitals even have CNAs in the ICU. Banner does, but most don't.
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    Wow, that is NOT comforting. Just starting my CNA in Jan until I get everything else in my life ready to start the nursing program... The more I research, the more dismay I hear from nurses not being able to find jobs, especially new grads.
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    What I am seeing is very low hospital census, and this is supposed to be our busy time. People are opting NOT to go to the hospital. Even when I float to CVICU there is low census.

    CVICU is one area I thought would never be affected by the recession. WHAT? Are people having heart attacks at home and opting not to treat and risk death just to save money? Unbelievable.:smackingf
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    As our instuctor has said... the thing about nursing is that it has ebs and flows... one minute you can walk right in the door with a sign on bonus to boot and another you are searching for months. The good thing is the degree allows for many options and avenues to seek emplyment.