What a bummer.. Wait time to start NS? - page 2

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Hola everyone.. I was so excited to get my prereq's done fall semester so I could start Nursing school.. I guess I didnt plan too well, because the three community colleges I called said it's at least a semester wait.. ... Read More

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    I know im so nervous I hope i get in the the fall.. I have been waiting for a year as well.. I feel like i have to crack open the anatomy book again because I forgot everything... I seriously cant wait until March 20th or whatever the placement date is!!!!!! I hope so bad I get in. I guess we will see! Im sick of my job just let me in already!! I soooo feel your pain!!! Good Luck to you!!:spin:
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    Try applying for one of the Banner or Scottsdale Healthcare nursing school programs. They don't work off of the waitlists and if they like you - you can start pretty quickly.

    Use the free time to start some of your BSN pre-reqs. Nurtrition. Bio 205, etc.

    Don't worry about forgeting stuff. The A&P will come flying back to you as you learn different subjects.

    Seriously, try for one of the hospital-sponsored programs. No waiting and Banner interviews something like three times per year.