Valley View or Kingman Regional

  1. Hey all...just wondering if anyone is working or has worked for either of these hospitals or knows anything about them. Love to know some info about them and the areas...thanks!
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    Okay is ANYONE going to reply to my post..seriously
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    I would like to know about Valley View if anyone sees this thanks.
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    I can tell you if they schedule you to interview on site emailing you itinerary, don't count on it. After three days they cancelled it saying they have no available positions.

    That says enough IMO.
  6. by   Hoozdo
    Quote from dance4life
    I can tell you if they schedule you to interview on site emailing you itinerary, don't count on it. After three days they cancelled it saying they have no available positions.

    That says enough IMO.
    That really sucks. I just saw an ICU travel position there a couple of weeks ago. That was
    at Kingman, not Valley View. Maybe there census is so low in the summer that they want
    a traveler instead?
  7. by   dance4life
    Probably, on Friday I was talking to a travel agency recruiter who said they send travelers to their hospital all the time. All my recruiter said via email that they canceled my interview that they had no more openings. It is very possible to fill them all in one day. I am sure. There are a ton of nurses looking for work out there.

    Much less risk than flying me out, giving me an offer, what if I do or don't accept? Then, again they offered me a relocation and sign on bonus without even getting me out there.

    My thing is if it isn't in your budget don't make broken promises. I didn't ask for it. I don't discuss salary during the interviewing process. I don't have time for it, this is not a game. They don't care they can eat three meals a day and pay their rent/mortgage.
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    I actually live in bullhead City, Arizona. Valley View is located in Mohave Valley, AZ which is about 20 miles south of my house. I work at Kingman Regional Medical Center, which is around 40 miles northeast of my house. The area out here is OK. It is very hot in the Summer (115-120), but kingman is about 15 degrees cooler. In bullhead, you are right on the colorado river, with laughlin nevada across the river. It is like a mini-Vegas. KRMC is, in my opinion, an awesome hospital to work for. It is not-for-profit, and I just feel like you are treated right. I have spoken to several travel nurses who say it is one of the best they work for. It is fairly small, I think a max of 150 beds. I work in the ER, which is a level 4 trauma center with 22 beds, capable of having around 48 patients if we try hard. Good luck to you, and feel free to ask me any more questions!
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    Hi Lindsey, I am a new grad that is actually coming up to KRMC to interview for a position there very soon. I have done some research on the facility and I have yet to find a negative comment, and the facility itself seems to treat its employees well. I currently live in Tucson and the job market here is VERY tight, especially for new grads so I started looking to more rural areas that might have more openings. If I get offered this position this will be a big change for me, and I really want to be as well informed as possible before I make my decision. So I have a couple of questions for you about that area, and that facility if you feel like answering them.

    1. How does this facility do with new grads? The position I'm applying for has a 6 week orientation period and that's it. Is the staff friendly towards new grads? Were you a new grad when you started there? If so, how was your experience there?

    2. Am I going to be bored to death living in Kingman? I know laughlin is about 40 minutes away and I love laughlin, I went there earlier this year and had a blast but I'm just wondering about everyday stuff to do in Kingman, I see a lot of comments about outdoors stuff which is awesome but what about other things like movie theaters, restaurants, etc?

    Thanks so much for any info you can give me, I really appreciate it.
  10. by   tlarmstrong
    I don't have experience with the hospital in Kingman...but I did live there for three years and it is pretty desolate. There is not much to do. You might have to make trips out to Laughlin, Bullhead and maybe in Lake Havasu if you want to find things to do. Also Las Vegas is probably like 2 hours away so that is a plus. I had a really negative experience there...there are alot of drugs and what not. I know there was a movie theater there when I lived there (back in 06) but from what I've heard its been torn down. They have basic resteraunts, Chilis, Applebees I think...
    I have heard good things about the hospital though, my father actually passed away there and they took really good care of him.
    IDK if this helped or not...