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Has anyone else applied to the program in Tucson and heard either way from them?... Read More

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    Hi mb19, I am not able to PM back, due to Allnurses.com needing a certain number of posts before that's enabled. But I interviewed for pedi hem/onc! Did you do the same? (Crossing fingers we would become coworkers!) This is my first interview and its such a dream opportunity. I haven't began looking at places. I don't know anyone from the area at all, which is a bummer. I would do the research on apartments online, then set up appointments so I can sign the lease the same day I visit there to move in! I haven't began thinking far ahead yet... from previous U of A threads on allnurses, I know the pay is about $24/hr. And I'm still considering whether that would be practical for me.... especially with moving costs and those terrible student loans coming in. I am hoping for the best, my peer interview would be this Friday! The hospital and it's reputation is amazing though!

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    My 2ct, uofA are not very reliable. I interviewed with them for a pt position and the lady told me its a done deal. 2 days later I checked their website and its changed to not selected. I have been told they do that a lot in Tucson. I would strongly recommend you to apply AZ license ASAP, they are very particular esp with endorsements. I went to school in Mass and I was told by someone they might not endorse mine since its not from a compact state. This is just my opinion and experience. You will love Tucson but its nothing like Mass. Goodluck
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    Thanks for sharing your experience and advice! Im sorry that happened. By "a done deal," does that mean they offered you the position? Did you get this reply for a past cohort, or for the one to begin in Feb?
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    Waiting by the phone myself for UAUMC. I did my preceptorship there and I loved it.
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    Anybody hear anything yet? I'm still "Under Consideration"

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    Me too... Nothing yet lol... "under consideration"
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    My friend who was a tech there just got hired. Hopefully that means they will consider external candidates soon.
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    Do you know what unit she got hired to? Was it for the new grad program?
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    It was for the CVICU new grad. I'm going for Neuro/cardio myself.
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    Hey mb19!

    How did your interviews go? Did you end up flying out here or just taking a phone interview?

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