"Student" applying to hospital's. Should I tell them...

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    Hi there!

    I literally just turned in my application to the Maricopa County RN program!

    In the meantime, I have been trying to get hired on with one of the local hospitals. For months. I would love to be able to work and go to school at the same place - to say nothing of "getting paid" to do both! I have applied to dozens of job postings: admin; cook; janitor; security; coffee shop... everything!.... but I never mentioned my nursing school.

    I am wondering if I might have more luck being hired if I am upfront:
    -I am a nursing school applicant. I am awaiting placement into a school.
    -I would love to be in the partnership program between XYZ Maricopa Community College and this hospital.


    Should I keep that off of the application.... off of the application, but bring it up in the interview.... or not say anything to anyone?!
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    I don't know how you'd include that in your resume but I'd definitely bring it up in the interview - if you get one.
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    If you have an area for your "objective" in your resume, you can maybe include something along the lines of "looking to gain experience in a hospital setting in an effort to prepare for a career in the medical field" then elaborate in your interview. They will appreciate the fact that you are goal oriented and have an interest in that particular medical center....
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    I'd put it in a cover letter. Introduce yourself and spell out your goals for the future.