1. Have always dreamed of living in Sedona. I have experience in med/surg, oncology/hospice and rehab nursing. What is the job market in that area? Don't see many hospitals in Sedona, is Cottonwood close by?
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  3. by   Hoozdo
    There are nurses who live in Sedona that work at Verde Valley Medical
    Center, (in Cottonwood). Sedona is very pricey to live in though.

    It is about a 45 minute commute.
  4. by   silentRN
    I've worked at Verde Valley Medical Center before I moved to Tucson, and I didn't like it. From what I hear about Flagstaff Medical Center is mostly poor management, and nurses really do not enjoy being employed there. Northern Arizona Health Care I would just say stinks as an employer. You can always live in Prescott which is about 45 minutes away from Sedona. I used to live there as well. I enjoyed it better than Sedona. They have Yavapai Regional Medical Center, which has 2 hospitals, and the VA.
  5. by   Courtneybri89
    There is a long term nursing facility in Sedona called Kachina Point Healthcare. I worked there as a cna and was paid very well. 13.50 for 2 years experience and 1 dollar shift diff for each shift. I worked nights so it was an 2 dollars. Also on the weekends you make a dollar more. so on weekends i was making 17.76..and normal on night 15.76. I didnt have a good time working here though, The management was excellent but the drama among cna's who thought too much of themselves and not the quality of care is what made this a horrible experience for me.. MAybe better for someone else who is not used to there being some sort of diversity at work.