1. Hello, I am writing from Michigan. My husband will be transfering to Arizona and I am scheduled to enter into my clinical in Sept 04'. If he is transferred before then I am hoping to do my clinicals in AZ. Could someone tell me what is the the difference between AAS (associates of applied science degree) and ADN (associates degree nursing)? Sorry if this is a silly question. I am interested in Registered nursing. I have too many classes done for my LPN. Im not sure if states vary. Also does anyone have any suggestion as far as colleges around the Phoenix, Tuscon area? The college I attend now is very small.
    Thank you for all of your help. Hopefully I did not send this in twice...
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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Gateway Community College in Phoenix is good. I did not attend there, but my old A&P prof (an MD) left my school to teach there because of their great A&P lab facilities. Gateway nursing students get to learn on real human cadavers.

    Usually, an AAS degree is designed prepare the graduate for entry level into the work-force. An AS dgree leans more towards transfer to a university.
    Although, getting an AAS in nursing or an AS in nursing will allow you to sit for boards in AZ.
  4. by   rncopper
    In Tucson, you have 2 choices (I don't think there are others:

    Pima Community College or the University of Arizona.

    I graduated from the University of Arizona in 1993. At that time, it was one of the top 5 nursing programs in the country. Not sure how it is ranked now.

    Pima gives you an ADN. The U of A a BSN. I highly recommend both (of course, this is my knowledge of several years ago). I don't know the waiting time to get into either program. Years ago, it was very long.

    Almost all the community colleges in AZ have nursing programs. North of Tucson there is one in Casa Grande. Cochise Community (south of Tucson) had one years ago, but I am not sure now.

    In Phoenix, WAY back when, I was in Phoenix College Nursing Program. It was the program that, after I got in and then had to drop out (for personal reasons..........TWICE!!!!!) that really convinced my that I wanted to persue this career!

    Are you in a nursing program already? If you are and are looking to transfer to a program in AZ, I would start looking NOW at the different colleges. I don't think that transferring into a program from another is that easy!!!!!!
  5. by   BIGCITY
    Thank you everyone so far for replying. I will look further into the other colleges. I am not in the nursing program yet. I have taken all of my pre-requisits. I did take micro here in MI but I got a C-. Missed a C by about 20 points so I have to take that over again and I am really dredding. I have to take Algebra because my nursing medication class is not good enough, and I'm doing my Pharm on line this semester. Everything else is done and then some...I have been going for about 10years and have already been to 3 different colleges. Hopefully this will be it...