1. I was wanting to know if any nurse can give me advise??
    I am 20 yrs old and i stopped my period in april but i am not pregnant. can i still get pregnant if i am not having regular periods (no period since april). if not does anyone know the best chances at getting pregnant??? please help if you can thank you!!

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  3. by   Mithrah
    How do you know you aren't pregnant?

    If you have 100% ruled out the possibility of being pregnant then one possibility is that you are too thin and your body fat % is too low.

    It is never normal for a 20 year old to stop her period (unless pregnant). You really should see a doctor about this because it could be something serious.
  4. by   LilgirlRN
    You should be having a period unless you are very thin and have less than 15% (or so) body fat (I should be so lucky). Why haven't you been to see the MD? Don't take for granted that you can't get pregnant. I'm gonna guess that you're thinking that you aren't ovulating as evidenced by no period, I'm inclined to agree with you, BUT.... who knows? So, unless you want a baby, use birth control.
  5. by   Skate
    It's a problem if your period has stopped for that duration of time. Are you eating? What has changed in your life since April? There is always a possibility of getting pregnant if you've had your period for any duration of time...

    Protection thyself and take care of yourself....
  6. by   CCU NRS
    I agree with all previous posters you need to go to the DOCTOR!!!

    It is not natural for a 20 year old to stop havnig periods.

    DO NOT look for advice from people online go to the DOCTOR!!!

    If you don't have a doctor go to a clinic or the Family Planning clinic but GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!

    You could seriously damage yourself permanently if you are not seen by a DOCTOR!!!

    You could also have some kind of gynecological problem so Go to a DOCTOR!!!!

    ps inf you didn't get the message