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I am sharing my husband’s story as fair warning to anyone considering attending PMI (Pima Medical Institute) either as a nurse or in any of their other classes. My husband made a mid-life... Read More

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    Quote from gconcep
    Thank you so much for your reply! Did you take the Nursing program at PMI? If so, did you graduate already? Do they have a student loan program where I can pay after I graduate?
    Dear GC,

    PMI has a financial aid department that will take care of student loans. I am currently in the RN program at PMI Tucson. IF you have any questions you can e-mail me at seangowers@gmail.com (((I LOVE MY SCHOOL BTW)))
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    Does anyone know if you can go to classes part-time for the nursing program at PMI? I would still like to hold a job while going to school? I can't imagine everyone in the class not having to have a job while in school. I am supposed to attend the information seminar on the 28th of August but there is no sense in doing so if my only option is school 8-4 Mon-Fri. Thank you for your help!
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    I'm a Hospice CNA taking my Nursing prereqs at the local CC, Olympic College, who's Nursing program is actually pretty respected, only problem is, unless you have close to a 4.0, you wont get in, it's all by points factoring, so I'm at least taking all my prereqs for Nursing here(Chem131/Intro to O-Chem/BioChem, A&P 214/242, 6 cr each, and Microbiology, so that when I do apply to other Nursing schools(for options), I SHOULD be covered... I'm also trying to find a school who looks at experience. I know grades DO matter, but for someone with experience, but being a 3.0 student, I hate that that means not getting in, when I see people IN the program here who I wouldnt trust with my or any of my family's lives.
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    Sorry for the VERY late reply here...LOL. Evening classes? I can tell you that on the Tucson campus, that's a NO. Also, don't plan on having a M-F 8-4 schedule. I had clinicals on weekends several times. Especially during the summer months when the hospitals don't have a lot of patients to care for.
    I graduated from the Tucson program in May, and did so with a job offer. I sadly had to turn it down because I IMMEDIATELY moved to Texas, but I will say it is a well respected program. The only RN programs in the state that have better pass and employment rates was ASU. (This was as of August, 2012.) I can tell you I had NO problems with the NCLEX exam. Hindsight being 20/20, I was overprepared thanks to the program requirements.
    I am now a pediatric RN, happily employed here in Texas. YAY! I cannot say enough about this program. Yes, it has its faults, but EVERY school does. At least this one tries to take care of them and shows they care.
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