Pima CC Seat Shuffle

  1. [FONT=Lucida Bright] Option A: I want to remain in the Nursing program in the semester I was originally selected for (Fall 2011).
    [FONT=Lucida Bright] Option B: I want to move to the Spring 2011 semester, if a seat is available.

    Guess which I picked!
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  3. by   froggyjk
    I am also starting with PCC in the Spring.
  4. by   denaa
    Are you saying you got in a semester early???? That is great, it gets my hopes up that I won't be waiting until Fall 2012.....
  5. by   AniraP
    Congratulations!!! Staragate, we both made it to the same semester
    I'm also starting in Spring. I go to orientation on the 24th Sept. I was scheduled to start in Spring 2012 . But I got in a year earlier.
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  6. by   Staragate
    Same here! I applied a year ago to the program. I was given a Spr 2012 start date. Last spring I was bumped to Fall 2011, then just this week I got bumped to Spr 2011!!!!! I was told that I would receive orientation info in October. Could you post the requirements after your orientation? I want to get my blood tests and dr. appts done early. Also, it would be helpful to know what they require as far as shoes so I can start shopping!

    I got the message 2 days ago that I AM actually starting next semester. I'm so happppeeeeeeee!!!
  7. by   AniraP
    Sure, I'll give you more info after the 24th. Only 3 more weeks for the orientation.
  8. by   R.NICU
    hey everyone,

    I'm in my fourth semester at Pima CC. You will have to have the following to be eligible for clinicals in the spring:

    1. a TB skin test, good through the end of the spring semester. (TB test is good for one year)
    2. Copy of your shot records proving you've had a TDAP (tetanus diptheria and pertussis), proof of hepatitis shots (or you can opt out of that one), and MMR. maybe a few others.
    3. You will need to get a physical done from a physician and the physician has to sign a paper saying you are physically and mentally stable.
    4. Fingerprint card
    5. Copy of paid fees receipt
    6. Pima student ID
    7. Proof of health insurance
    8. CPR card from the American Heart Association (AHA). there is a really good and quick place you can go to on speedway...they will provide you with the info in class. I believe it's called Eclipse CPR. The instructor is funny, efficient, and quick! And your certification will be good for 2 years.

    I think that's about it. After your orientation they will "surprise" you with a HESI exam. It covers A&P, math, and some other subjects. it's all vague now. They will use this exam to help illustrate which subjects you are great in and those in which you have opportunities for improvement.

    Congratulations everyone! The two years goes by soooo quick!
  9. by   Staragate
    Thank you so much! I just got signed up with the Oct. 1 orientation. Email got mixed up so I ended up with the last seat available! Eek!

    On the plus side... I just got my nursing school present from my mom. An Ultrascope! I love it! It's got a beach/palm tree pattern on it.
  10. by   R.NICU
    That sounds like a cute stehie! Make sure you keep track of it. If you lend it to a doctor or another nurse, keep track of them cuz they will walk away with it. A doc in the ED at clinicals asked for my stethescope and i followed her around for 30 minutes because she was not getting away with mine lol. But anyway, congrats Stargate. My parents got me a stethescope when is started too
  11. by   JazzysMama
    Hey everyone! I've talked to some of you in the past and just wanted to give you a little bit of encouragement as I just started a couple of weeks ago. There are so many horror stories on AN's about "boot camp" style orientations, horrible instructors trying to fail you and whatnot....just wanted to tell you that every single instructor I have met has been AMAZING! They really do care about you AND want you to succeed. They let you know off the bat that Pima is hard, but they will be there with you every step of the way. I went into NS absolutely terrified after reading page after page of bad experiences. Hope this helps to ease your mind! GL and study hard!!!
  12. by   Staragate
    Thanks for the advice! My name is engraved on it, so if it does walk away it's easily spotted. I keep hearing nothing but good things about the Pima program. I feel really lucky that the school I'm going to is so good. Also, I'll be required to buy a nurses kit which includes a steth. That one will be my backup.
  13. by   rnay312
    I remember when I got that email! I was soooo excited! Graduated in May, and I'm now on my 4th week working as an RN. You guys will get there!
  14. by   soupermom
    Congrats to those of you that got your start date. I'm also finishing up 4th semester (3 weeks of lecture left to go) and I have to say, it went faster than I thought it would. You'll be getting info about "Boot Camp" from SNAP (Student Nurses' Association at Pima) at orientation. I really recommend attending it. You'll get some helpful tips that may set your mind at ease before starting the program. I've helped with 3 of them and this next one will be my last. If you have any burning questions, post them here and someone will answer them. Don't get your shots and CPR done too soon, because then you'll have to do them again before you finish the program. And be sure you'll pass the drug test on orientation day.