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Hey guys! I'm fairly new to AZ, I've been here a little over a year and FINALLY transferred my CNA license over, now I'm looking into PCT training. There are a few schools that offer it near me... Read More

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    Quote from rachaelofcourse
    You will quickly learn that there is no nursing shortage here in AZ...
    Really??? Does that mean it's hard to get hired as a nurse out here?
  2. by   Dahliadiaz
    I just graduated from there program in July. I started school in August again for nursing so I really haven't had the chance to work with my license. I paid 50 dollars more I believe to be licensed instead of just certified. The teacher that I had was so good. She teaches exactly the way you need to, also for the state board tests you actually get to do it in the school which makes it super easy to pass it since you are familiar with everything.
  3. by   dna2008
    Hi, I'm a Hemodialysis Technician with 5 years experience, otherwise known as a PCT. I want to caution you that the for-profit schools may be fleecing people with these $15,000 training programs to become a PCT. You can get hired and trained as a PCT through companies like Fresenius Kidney Care. Paid training, no tuition, benefits included. No experience required, but a plus because positions can be competitive. Training lasts 3 months, with clinicals and a final exam that certifies you to work in the state of Arizona. After about 9 months of patient care you can take a national certifying test like the CCHT or BONENT and work just about anywhere in the country! There are dialysis facilities in every state and nearly every city. I was tempted to work as an educator in some of these for profit schools, but why would I want to mislead students who could get their education for free with some hard work? Check out Working at FRESENIUS No one is paying me for this btw- I feel like its the right thing to do!
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