out of curiosity, do they hire LPN's in Arizona? Coworker demeans LPN's says NO...... - page 2

Hello! Anyone on here from the Arizona area? I am not wanting to move lol, I am a happy LVN in Texas, currently working on my RN. I just wondered about Arizona hiring LPN's/LVN's, because I have a... Read More

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    Yeah, I agree she sounds insecure about her own status/importance. Really. What's the point of putting other people down or bragging about what degree she has? She sounds like she could even be a bit jealous or threatened by what you are trying to do. Who knows? But I would definitely not take any of her negativity to heart.

    And I'm still trying to figure out why she cares about what's going on in Arizona, if she lives in Texas.

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    Things are changing at my Texas hospital. When I first started, they were actively hiring LVNs. But for the past two years, they haven't hired any LVNs (not even one) and are always putting the few LVNs we do have on call. I wouldn't be surprised if what your coworker says is true...or at least coming true. I think ADNs will be the next to be crowded out, so you should get a BSN as soon as possible- and so should I.
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    there are plenty of LPN(LVN) jobs here, but she is correct that hospitals are phasing them out. the listings i've seen for LPNs are at SNFs and LTCs. the major hospital chain here gave their LPNs a deadline to become RNs or they would lose their jobs. however i heard one of their locations is keeping their LPNs, as that facility does really well with team nursing.
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    My hospital in Tempe (a Phoenix suburb that houses Az state university) started hiring LPNs a few months ago in order to bring back team nursing. It is a for profit institution, and the plan is to have them work on our Department of Corrections floor. I'm a relatively new nurse with a BSN and having worked with these LPNs, I'm learning things.
    Your " friend" sounds like a jerk.......

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