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Could someone please HELP ME? I am beginning to feel like an undesirable to the Acute/Hospital Care Community. I have been a registered nurse for the last three years, with a two year degree from one of the best... Read More

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    Quote from wildcatchristie
    You may want to consider changing your approach on posting here with one being able to learn too much about you. Posting with your name in full view may work against you. Employers, managers HR people could go on here and read your rant. Just trying to suggest that anonymity be a good idea on here.
    Thank you kindly for your words of wisdom, I understand the need for annonymity. However, my ply is serious even if it works against me because this is a serious matter. I am a nurse, I care for my patients, I care for my community, I want to help, and I need to be an educated nurse. I need to practice acute care to be better informed, to become more experienced, and in return serve my community better. Most of all I need to know how I as nurse Syntia can acquire this knowledge, if I had decided to be annonymous. Then I am a ranting voice with no substance, just another blah in the sea of blahs, and that is exactly who I am not.

    Thank you so much for your time,
    Syntia Alcantar, RN

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    If acute care hospitals in the Phoenix metropolitan area have been trending in the direction of other facilities across the US, I would venture to say that HR is choosing to interview and hire candidates with BSN degrees over their ADN/ASN counterparts.

    Ever since the economic slump of the late 2000s, many hospitals have either been preferring (or outright demanding) that applicants be educated at the BSN level. Although this is not happening in some regions, most of the major cities have followed this hiring pattern. Good luck to you.
    Thank you so much, for your insight
    I see the merits of your oppinion, it is a major point that I will address in the future.
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    Quote from IsabellaAz
    When I applied to a certain hospital system here in AZ with a not so great reputation the HR department informed me that they were only looking for BSN nurses. This was after I informed them that I was about to finish my BSN. They told me "apply after you graduate.
    At the hospital system I work for now I have asked new employees about how they got a job and every one of them so far has had an "in" into the system. They all know someone who referred them to the job. Supposedly they are in a major hiring phase according to the hospital but then you read stories like yours and it makes one wonder how many applicants they are receiving. Do you know anyone who will refer you? Don't give up it may take a while. It took 1.5 years for me but I finally got a job
    Hurray for you, it is a sad thing to read, but I am glad for your co-workers, God will be my "IN", either by helping see how I can get that BSN or in some other way
    Good luck and thank you,

    Syntia Alcantar RN

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    "The economy has pushed many new RNs into areas they never thought they'd end up " (personal communication, Multicollinearity, 2013). I am a new grad BSN and a former EMT-II. I just took a job as a school nurse for 2013-2014 school year because acute care is not picking me up! I am looking at is as great training and will keep a record of the types of "patients" that I see. I hope I will be able to show that I did not just see the common cold. My daughter is a school nurse and saw 96 pts one day! She has handled broken bones, overdoses, dislocated knees, major head trauma, and shock. Sounds like a typical night in a slow ED! I don't want employers to see me as settling for the school nurse job. I hope to gain experiances with upset partents, IEP meetings and pediatric care as well as teaching as my school is very focused on prevention. This is public health nursing as it is a very poor district and I look forward to the challenge.
    Look at your attitude if you take a job outside the hospital. You have not settled but refocused as the situation called for. That is good nursing!" Best on the job hunt.
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    I'd still get your name off the Internet.

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    While I understand your willingness and desire to make your posts under your real name (presuming that's what you're actually doing), you may also be working against yourself.

    You are permitting potential employers to see the raw, unedited version of yourself, revealing your emotional content, and even providing writing samples which may present you in a less-than-perfect light (perfection is what is expected in the job-hunt presentation).

    You're also providing a time-immemorial declaration of yourself that will remain long after your personal thoughts and views have evolved... which is just unwise.

    Finally, you're demonstrating to potential employers your willingness to 'go public' on the internet... something which they're uncomfortable with in these times of inappropriate Facebook revelations that can be linked to specific institutions.

    As a 50-year-old person who lived in the days before computer networks, blogs, and tweets, I can only urge caution in the public use of these media... they're more likely to hurt you than to help you.
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    After a few years as an ICU nurse, I had to google what "memory care" is. Yes, you are a second class nurse.

    What is it you are trying to do? Are you trying to be a bedside nurse in a hospital? If so, then your skills as described will not be advantageous. If you are looking for case management jobs: those seem more in-line with your description; however, you are held back greatly by lack of a BSN.

    As previously noted: Your years of experience do not jive: you say you've been a nurse for three years, but list four years worth of experience. You've had four jobs in three years? Not appealing.

    "My colleagues tell me I am strict when following policies and procedures and seek my advice" - This statement seems to counter itself.

    Your descriptions seem to focus on the superfluous: Its great you're bilingual and want to help, but I can use a phone and get the same results. Get or at least start on your BSN. Maintain your BLS, get ACLS & PALS. Try to get a certification. Set yourself apart by investing in your professional development.

    And take your name off of your postings.
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