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Hi everyone,do I've got entry into NAU Tucson and U of A's BSN program, and am trying to decide which one to go for. Is anyone familiar with the differences/styles/vibes of these two programs, and... Read More

  1. by   Boy-->RN2b
    I chose UofA, with no regrets. You get that real college feel at the UA college of nursing that you just don't experience at the NAU Tucson campus. We get expert guest lecturers all the time, which helps to keep long, boring lectures more interesting, etc etc etc.
    Apply to both to keep your admission chances as high as possible. If one doesn't work out, no big deal... important thing is to graduate with a BSN!
  2. by   danceluver
    @boy--->RN2b: Did you apply to the bsn program already having a degree? I am deciding whether to apply to the MEPN program or just for a second bachelor's degree if the program is stronger and better organized. Any thoughts?
  3. by   Boy-->RN2b
    I'm in the traditional BSN program. It sure feels like a strong and organized program. Whether to go MEPN, or BSN... don't know. I think only you would know best. Maybe an advisor here can help you decide. MEPN sounds good!!
  4. by   aarontran166
    @boy-->rn2b, i totally agree with u about the uni experience. i will wait till next semester to apply to both. uofa will be the priority. thank you very much for ur advice!
  5. by   Desertazgirl
    I am a CURRENT University of Arizona Master Entry to the Profession of Nursing (MEPN) student (May 2012-August 2013). Let me start by saying, if you have other BSN nursing school options, TAKE THEM! I chose the U of A with the desire to diversify my college portfolio turning down two other 2nd degree BSN seats at my alma mater (NAU) and another university.

    This IS NOT an MSN degree!!!! The majority of my class and the first graduating class (August 2012) thought it was. However, we have been told it is not an "MSN" although technically we are earning a Master’s of Science in Nursing. We have been told that we cannot use MSN on our resumes or represent that we are MSNs. We're supposed to use the distinction of MS-RN. So what am I spending an extra $20k for?!?

    This program costs $35,000 and the course load seems pretty similar to other accelerated BSN programs. Scholarships are scarce, although they originally told us there were some full ride sponsorships. Seven weeks into the program, we were told those weren't available. The average scholarships awarded per student was $5,000.

    Administration at the College of Nursing is VERY shady and wishy washy. If you speak up about it, be careful because you may get a target on your back and they will make your experience very miserable. The same goes for issues with teachers. Students get reprimanding and when they attempt to defend themselves, they are basically told to accept it and move on.

    I would not recommend this program this program to anyone that has other options. They're curriculum and what you learn will prepare you adequately as the majority of nursing programs will since they are regulated and accredited. However, there is a lot of nonsense in this program that, for me, is extremely disappointing. I expected the U of A to be better than the experiences my classmates and I have had.
  6. by   Desertazgirl
    See my post below - I'm a current MEPN student (2013). We've basically been told we're no better than a BSN when starting out and that our degree is different than an actual "MSN" distinction. Save the extra money and go with a BSN!!!! If you do MEPN, you'd still have to go back if you want the "MSN" distinction instead of MS-RN as the U of A says we're entitled to use.