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  1. HI. I'm a student that will graduate next summer. My husband and I are hoping to relocate to the Flagstaff area as soon as I graduate. If anyone has had any experience working at Flagstaff Medical Center or Verde Valley Medical Center would you mind sharing your experience at these facilities. Thanks!

    Please feel free to PM me or to send an email :
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  3. by   ontheroad!
    I used to work for one of them and had some training in the other. VVMC is a small hospital they are only a level 1. They grow their own RN's ( that's not a bad thing ) I think they put up with the BS because they don't no any different and or cant get out of the small town. Management not so good. Nurses don't have a voice! Small town to raise a family however not to work in!!! I love the staff i worked with laid back easy to work with. I don't know what unit you would be working in? FMC is much bigger and level of care is higher.
  4. by   Hoozdo
    I agree with ontheroad. The area around VVMC is very desirable to live in, however, the management has problems. I was a seasonal traveler and was quite often the most experienced nurse (with my three years), on most nights. The "grow your own nurses" philosophy is nice, but not realistic if you have a whole unit of new grads and nurses in their first year.

    And........anything that goes wrong is the traveler's fault. Anything.