New Grad program 2011 in mesa/phoenix area

  1. New Grad program 2011 in mesa/phoenix area

    Im planning to move to mesa in april or may. I heard that mayo clinic has new grad program but their program for june 2011 is closed or filled up already. Any idea where i can apply? any nursing position will do long term care or acute. Im all about experience. Graduated March 2010 and got my license last December.
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  3. by   fromtheseaRN
    there aren't many jobs here right now, and if the proposed changes in our state's medicaid program go through, rumor has it that many more nurses will be laid off.
  4. by   SNIXRN
    I agree that there aren't many jobs for new grads in AZ but you might want to check out Mayo, Abrazo hospitals, or Phoenix Children's.