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    Hello all, I'm an RN that has been away from nursing for 6 years and is finally ready to go at it again. My question is I'm sure that there have been many changes in the last 6 years...patient ratios, documentation, technology etc. I will be going into either med/surg or home health. Any suggestions about what to expect or what to do to make this any easier. :spin:

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    I suggest shadowing someone for a day to get the feel again. Some places are using computer charting, others paper, some both. It's probably the best way anyhow, to see things first hand.
    Best of luck.
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    Hi again redwinggirlie. Thanks, that's a great suggestion!
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    I am starting back at the hospital after a 10 year hiatus in home health/starting as a head nurse so I am orienting on the floor for 6 weeks first.

    I have been told it is like riding a bike. We shall see.

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    If you're looking for easy-stay home. Nursing has gotten harder in the past 6 years. You are now going to be responsible for sicker patients-and more ancillary jobs, such as housekeeping, lab tech, respiratory tech, secretary, transporter, etc.
    Nurse- patient ratio is a term they use wisely in California-not Arizona. Banner Tbird I believe has an idea what nurses are striving for-- heard they may have n/p- can only speak for 4 hospitals I am really familiar with-none of them have realized the concept yet!!!!!!!!!!!! That includes tele and ICU.
    You will find a lot of travelers and registry folks around here-
    they are paid better than core staff at hospitals-standard.
    I hear more and more nurses talking of going prn or registry-
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    I had the same issue sometime ago. Got into Case Mgmt by doing Medical Reord Reviews per diem. May be able to help more if you want. Let me know?
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    I had the same issue sometime ago. Got into Case Mgmt by doing Medical Reord Reviews per diem. May be able to help more if you want. Let me know?
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    Banner T-Bird is using nurse patient ratio of 4:1 on Tele. That is day and night shifts. There have been occasions where you will have five but not the majority of time. We are in the process of establishing assignments according to patient acuity and med/surg seems to be the most progressive. I believe their n/p ratio is 5:1 and 6:1 (day/noc respectively) right now. All of the valley Banner facilities will be establishing acuity levels to be used for making assignments. It is correct the pay is not as high as other hospitals and definitly not as high as registry, but sometimes safety and good working conditions out weigh high salary. Banner has their own registry where you are required to work at all the valley Banner Hospitals as needed. Check them out, it doesn't hurt to look.

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