NCLEX Results- Testing on a Friday, when will I see results??

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    I took my NCLEX-PN last year on a Thursday afternoon & got the results the next day. The same thing happened with my sister. Not only did I see that I passed on the AZ board of nursing website, but I also had my license card the very next day after testing. Now that I have my NCLEX-RN scheduled for 2 weeks from today (a Friday), I'm getting nervous thinking I'll have to sit through a whole weekend! So do any of you or anyone you know have any experience with testing on a Friday? I'm hoping to hear someone has seen their results up on a Saturday!!

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    I took mine during the week and found out the next day on however friends of mine who took their's on Friday found out Monday - you can also try the Pearson Vue Trick ( ) - it worked for me

    Good luck!
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    Aw what a bummer!! I'm nervous about saying "Whohoo I passed the NCLEX" if its not 100%, & now that I've been spoiled, waiting all weekend sounds horrible! lol

    Thanks for the info though

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