NAU Spring 2013 Hopefuls

  1. 0 Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone got into any campus (Tucson, Flagstaff or Yuma) for this spring. I'm on the alternate list for both Tucson and Flagstaff.
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    Received my acceptance letter for Flagstaff campus on November 11th. Pre-req GPA 4.0, no classes in progress. Scored 88% overall on Kaplan.
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    I got into the NAU Yuma program. Got my letter November 9th
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    I got in to Tucson program, real excited to get started!
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    I was accepted into the Tucson program
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    Congrats!!! Ill see you there!!
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    I got into Flagstaff! Anybody else? I am really excited to start classes.
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    Quote from squeakercarp
    I got into Flagstaff! Anybody else? I am really excited to start classes.
    Yeah, I was accepted to Flagstaff as well.
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    Congratulations everyone!! I just finished my first semester at NAU Tucson. You guys are going to love your clinical instructor and if you have the same clinical site as us, you will love your experience as well. The courses are tough but definitely passable with dedication and effort. Good luck!
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    I got into Flagstaff! I can't wait to meet everyone and start classes! Anyone else nervous?
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    Congratulations everyone! I'm just finishing up 1st semester at the Tucson campus and I love it. The clinical site and clinical instructor are amazing. Things seem overwhelming at first, but you'll get the hang of it!
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    Hello I am a fall hopeful for 2013 either Flagstaff or Tucson I am taking my test on the 8th and would like to know who you guys studied for the phy part of it.
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    I used a dummies guide to A&P type book. The science portion was mostly physiology. Good luck to you! I hope you get in!

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