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Hello Internet, did anyone out there apply to the NAU aBSN for 2013? I never post on these things but we have a long 6 to 8 week wait ahead of us so it seems like a reasonable way to procrastinate.... Read More

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    I got my letter today too and I got accepted! I'm so excited and relieved to actually know! Good luck to those of you on the alternate list, I'm sure some people will not accept their seat.

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    Rylin, I'm taking Patho right now and will be done is 4 weeks. I understand that there are 10 alternate spots. What number are you? Having 10 alternate spots for a program that accepts 30 seems like odds are good they call up the alternates. I am figuring out my immunization stuff. Do you have all your Hepatitis shots? I am wondering if you have to have them completed before the program starts?
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    Congratulations to everyone who has gotten in so far! For those on the waiting list, yes there are typically people that don't accept and they go through the waist list. I know there are several people in my class that were on the wait list (even lower numbers on the list). We had one girl who got accepted the day before the program started (she already lived in town, so it worked).

    dsb_fam: there are people in the program currently that have families. . .some with teenagers and some with young children. They are doing it, though I know it is difficult on them as they have to sacrifice some family time for schoolwork (general of what I have heard from them. . .if you have particular questions I would be happy to ask for you).
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    @jl31911: Do you have any suggestions on where to look for affordable housing? Thanks!
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    Thanks jl31911, thanks for the info on the alternate list. I live by Flag and will have everything ready to go if I'm called. Can you share what your schedule looks like in a given week? Any days off specifically? Thanks so much for all your great information.

    Ewilbert, wish I could help you with housing. Have you tried Flagstaff craigslist? I see lots of postings for apartments. I don't live in Flagstaff, so I can't give you specifics.
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    @dsb_fam: I'm actually still finishing my last anatomy this term and have Patho this spring... I am currently number 9 on the alternate list so, fingers crossed!! I am pretty sure I have all my shots, although I don't think I ever had my last shot for HPV? I need to schedule a physical, but I figure I'll wait until I hear back from a few other schools...
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    Ewilbert: there is more affordable housing in kachina village/mountainaire about 10 minutes out of town
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    I got in. Yay! My letter was lost in the mail but I called today and they are sending another packet.
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    ewilbert: umm, unfortunately not really. I looked around on Craig's list and found a place. I do know that there are a few places that include utilities and that can make it a little cheaper in the long run. Yes Kachina village or places more outside the city are cheaper but then you have to factor in that you would likely have to drive to school and get a parking permit, which is not cheap. I think having roommates or renting a room in a house is about the best to bring down price. Sorry couldn't be more help.

    dsb_fam: each quarter the schedule changes and during each semester the cohort is split into groups of 10. Each of the 3 groups has a different schedule of clinicals. I also know that it can vary per year depending on what has worked out as far as clinical availability. Sorry I can't be more specific. I can say that typically I had off 3-4 days during the week, though they weren't always in a row. With the days off, they were often spent doing schoolwork. The big thing I would say is have flexibility as each semester the schedule changes and this semester we have a pseudo rotating schedule . . . .class tuesday all day, clinicals most fridays, though some clinicals some wednesdays and/or thursdays. And things may change for you guys next year.
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    Went in yesterday to apply to NAU's 2.5 year program. I took the Kaplan again for a higher score, so I feel that with my GPA and new Kaplan score, I am definitely in. The advisor told me that the deadline for the accelerated letters was that day. She said that 4 people have already decided not to attend, so she will be making calls on Monday. So....I am keeping my fingers crossed that one of the alternates says no and I am in. Rylin86, we both have a good chance of being called, I can't stand this waiting.

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