NAU accelerated BSN 2013 applicants - page 4

Hello Internet, did anyone out there apply to the NAU aBSN for 2013? I never post on these things but we have a long 6 to 8 week wait ahead of us so it seems like a reasonable way to procrastinate.... Read More

  1. by   dsb_fam
    Went in yesterday to apply to NAU's 2.5 year program. I took the Kaplan again for a higher score, so I feel that with my GPA and new Kaplan score, I am definitely in. The advisor told me that the deadline for the accelerated letters was that day. She said that 4 people have already decided not to attend, so she will be making calls on Monday. So....I am keeping my fingers crossed that one of the alternates says no and I am in. Rylin86, we both have a good chance of being called, I can't stand this waiting.
  2. by   adbnau
    Does anyone taking HCR240 from Rio have any advice on the essays or preparing for the final?
  3. by   dsb_fam
    The final isn't proctored correct? Isn't it open book/online? As for the essays, my midterm essays were pretty straight forward. My instructor is just big on citing your work. I finish HCR240 through Rio at the end of this month.
  4. by   David.Nelson
    Quote from adbnau
    Does anyone taking HCR240 from Rio have any advice on the essays or preparing for the final?
    I just started the course as well. Human patho in 8 weeks...guess we will be ready for the absn. If you log into the class home page you can actually open the essays, quizzes and finals without submitting them. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea on what to study for.
  5. by   rylin86
    Anyone on the waitlist receive a call yet? I believe I am number 4 now... fingers crossed. I still have another two to four weeks before I will hear from any of my other schools. Not enjoying the waiting :-(
  6. by   dsb_fam
    rylin86, I am seriously dying here!!! Everytime my phone rings I jump like an idiot. My husband said that I should call them and ask if I could sit by the nursing department secretary so that I could keep up to the second on events. HAHA, he is just sooooo funny. Have you called and asked them the status? I don't want to call again and look desperate.
  7. by   rylin86
    dsb_fam; I haven't called... I didn't even think to do that :-D I will tomorrow! With the time difference it would be too late by the time I get home from work.
  8. by   dsb_fam
    Let me know what you find out.
  9. by   dsb_fam
    Rylin, I talked to them today and the alternate list has changed. They received last minute letters of acceptance and so they are at #2, not #4. So, again we wait.
  10. by   dsb_fam
    I'm IN!!!!!!! Just received the call today and I'm now a Lumberjack. Can't wait to meet you all.
  11. by   rylin86
    Wow! That is awesome!!! I'm so happy for you! What number were you on the wait list when they first sent you your letter?
  12. by   dsb_fam
    I was number 5 on the list.
  13. by   adbnau
    Stacey that's great. Congratulations!!!