Maricopa Waiting List / Placement / Timestamps 2010+

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    Hey everyone, I wanted to start a place for people to post and repost about waitlist times, placement runs, and their timestamps.

    It is very hard searching for all the information and maybe people will access this thread and keep it updated with information so we all can get some idea on where we stand in line for Maricopa Nursing Placement.

    As for me I have a

    6/11/10 8:01:32 Timestamp. The placement just ran on March 6th,2012 and I was not placed. On the application website it says that the placement did NOT reach the June timestamps. This will mark 5 semesters that I was not placed (was expecting a 3 semester wait)

    I am curious how far the placement ran. If people that were placed during the last placement run (3/6/12) come across this thread and would be willing to post their timestamp and what school choice number (1 through 5) they were placed in that would give an indicator how far away it is.

    With almost 2500 people still on the waiting list it looks like it can be a 4-5 year wait for people just now getting on it.

    Look forward to chatting with all of you and good luck.

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    my time stamp is 06/11.2010 8:04:44 am. i thought there could be a slim chance i could get placed for fall 2012, but with only 239 public placements and the start of the cep program fall 2013 i think is likely.
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    Yeah 239 public placements is really small number, I would hope that Spring 2013 would be for sure. Hopefully we will get more posts with some people that just got placed.
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    My time stamp was 04/08/2010 and I got my second choice
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    My time stamp was 2/10 and I got my second choice. I've been having trouble finding a thread on GCC Weekend Day program. Usually you can see all kinds of activity after placement, but so far allnurses has been quiet. Maybe it's the new format.
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    my timestamp was 2/10 8:05 and i got my first choice at gateway
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    Great to hear that all the Feb's got their choices. As per the website It looks like there are still many April timestamps that didn't get placed yet. Hopefully June timestamps will get placed for spring of 2013.
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    Stamp: 06/11/2010 08:00:59AM I still hope to get in this fall. I am fed up with this system of placing students. I busted my butt to get only "A" in my pre reqs and co-reqs, and I still on the waiting list for three years. It is not fair that the people from CEP program are waiting only 1.4 some even less years, we have our reasons why we do not go into the program right? I am sick of waiting. All my friends who went in California into a Nursing program or in Chicago, they are already working as RN's and I am still on the waiting list.
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    Stamp: 06/11/2010 08:05:22AM: hey everyone! I totally can relate with all of your frustrations, I too have also been getting my hopes up every other Tuesday PRAYING someone will change their mind about their spot and I will get a magical notification that I was placed. The last description at the bottom of the Application Status page said they estimated the cut off would be the early minutes of 6/11/2010... guess our minutes were just not early enough! I am very thankful to find this website now i know i'm not alone! Good luck to you all ... I HOPE SOMEONE WHO WAS PLACED THIS LAST PLACEMENT POSTS
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    Moved to AZ Nursing Programs forum.

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