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Hey everyone, I wanted to start a place for people to post and repost about waitlist times, placement runs, and their timestamps. It is very hard searching for all the information and maybe people... Read More

  1. by   mrsboots87
    I got placed today!
    Second Choice
    Aug 11 8:03:36
  2. by   dreams2banurse
    I got placed today too... Aug 2011 08:00:45... My first choice of Gateway Accelerated!!!! I'm so excited and beyond nervous!!!
  3. by   doprider
    Mari33 what were your other choices if you don't mind me asking.
  4. by   Hobberdog
    6-10-11 8:02:48 AM

    Placed in the MCC traditional program. First choice. Because of the waiting list I applied at ASU and got accepted. I graduate in May. I stayed on the list because I wanted to see how long it would actually take. Too long! The Maricopa Community College Nursing Program is communistic and WRONG! Every other program is merit based. If a student can't get the grades, they need to retake the course until they do, or find another career. I know I will get blasted for my opinion, but it is what it is. Congrats to all of you who waited 2+ years and finally got placed. The fun is about to begin!
  5. by   mrsboots87
    Im kind of in the middle. I can see some circumstances where a normally good student may have some trouble one semester and then their grades might keep them from getting accepted, and retaking courses that you have passed starts to add up financially. And then those who get decent grades, but still don't get accepted semester after semester and that sucks because grades wont depict if they will be a great nurse and doesn't account for test anxiety on paper but doing well in person and such. But then I can also see how it is unfair to those who work their tails off to get A's and they get to be stuck waiting for years to get in. In my old state, the community college I attended years back was semi merit based and semi waitlist. They took something like 50% 3.5-4.0 students, 30% 3.0-3.5 students and then 20% 2.0-3.0 students. Then the waitlist for replacement of deferral or drop students was a lottery draw to those who didn't get in. Then you had to reapply if you didn't get accepted. Most students got in within 3 semesters. Seems like a nice in the middle way to place to make it more fair to all students.
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  6. by   Hobberdog
    I can understand where you are coming from and you logic makes sense. I would just add that nursing school is very hard. You have to work you butt off. In comparison the prerequisites were easy. Nursing school builds upon the foundation of the prerequisites. Without a firm foundation, the house will fall. ASU's program is based off of a "select GPA." It takes 17 of the required prerequisites and bases your GPA off of 14 of them. It will not let you "hide" a science grade however. You could hide an ENG101 or a MAT120 score, and still get into their school. That would be much preferred to the current system because it rewards the high grades, yet still allows for a bad grade or 2 (by bad I mean a B). It does not allow for B's in the sciences, which are the foundation courses.

    I am glad how things turned out. I will finish with my BSN in the same amount of time it would have taken to go to MCC. Those who go through the CC and want to get a BSN are really getting a 5+ year degree. It might save a few bucks to become an RN, but it is expensive to get the BSN no matter where you go, and BSN is quickly becoming the minimum standard.
  7. by   dreams2banurse
    doprider sorry it took me a few days to respond... My choices were Gateway Accelerated, Glendale Weekend, Phoenix, Estrella and PV.
  8. by   jessicaserna04
    Hello and congrats to everyone who recently got placed. I started at GCC in August of this year![FONT=ArialUnicodeMS][FONT=ArialUnicodeMS][FONT=ArialUnicodeMS][FONT=ArialUnicodeMS][FONT=ArialUnicodeMS][FONT=ArialUnicodeMS][FONT=ArialUnicodeMS][FONT=ArialUnicodeMS][FONT=ArialUnicodeMS]
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  9. by   azgirl0023
    I got accepted!! My time stamp was 8/19/2011 8:04:26. I also got my first choice Paradise Valley.
  10. by   xxkmxx
    anymore placements for jan? What are your timestamps?
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  11. by   tiger_army
    My time stamp is 10/2011. I just got an email today to start the MCC spring late start (Feb 2014) Someone must have dropped it. Unfortunately I cant start with that short of notice and am deferring a semester
  12. by   AJRNAZ
    @tiger_amy what is the minute and sec on your time stamp? I also have 10/2011 and would love to start soon.
  13. by   tiger_army
    10/14/2011 08:01:27AM is my time stamp. I am awaiting anxiously to hear about the fall!