Maricopa County Coreq's

  1. I am wondering if any of you can help me with my predicament!!

    I am planning on going to Maricopa Skill Center & doing blocks 1 & 2 as my applications already in there, and I'll be done faster hypothetically..
    So from what I gather, by the time Im ready to apply for block 3 accelerated program, Ill need to have all prereq's and coreq's done.
    As of May, I will have completed
    Eng 102
    Psy 101
    and Chemistry in High School (6 years ago)
    Now, I know I will still have to take my humanities class & Im planning on doing that this Summer... & I know with the Chem class, it counts if you did it in High School, & I also took Eng 101 & 102 in high school, which this year is 5 years ago..
    I talked to Gateway & they said they arent very strict on the 5 year expiration of the classes, & I dont know where I heard that you need to retake the class if its been more than 5 years..
    Can anyone confirm or deny this? & is everyone lenient on it or is it just Gateway?
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  3. by   Zphreaky1
    Some schools have said to registering students many of the science classes need to have been taken within the last 5 years. You can take a test to bypass that problem though.