Maricopa correctional nursing

  1. Have any nurses here worked for Maricopa correctional? I was considering applying as I hear this can be an awesome career choice. any comments appreciated, thank you.
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  3. by   Hoozdo
    I have worked there pool PRN. I will say it is a VERY interesting place to work. It
    does not pay as well as hospital nursing. Then again, there is no Press-Gainey!
    Another downfall is that most of the sites are on 8 hour shifts.

    If you have specific questions, ask away.
  4. by   rntim49
    thanks for the reply, when you say interesting, what exactly do you mean? I am a former ED nurse and have experience with prisoners from time to time. I am concerned with the level of professionalism and staffing along with the role of the RN in these facilities. Are the inmates escorted to the nurses office for assessment or does the nurse go to the inmate? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you...