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HI - Sorry if this is a repeat topic, but hoping to "meet" other applicants hoping to start their online university classes in Fall 2017 and CC in-person nursing blocks in Spring 2018.... Read More

  1. by   Union-Jack
    Quote from Kaylynn1
    I believe it is asu that requires you to have another semester after you graduate from cc. I also plan on applying this nursing cycle as well! I hope to see you all there (if I get in)! I am planning on applying for mesa cc as first choice and cgcc as second. I also hope to get into ASU. I have A&P 2 to finish up! So far I have a 4.0 gpa but this could change ! I also have a 94% overall on the hesi :/ I am not sure how competitive the program is now and I am honestly really nervous
    Your GPA is fantastic! You can re-sit the HESI if you'd like to improve your score. You have 2 chances every 12 months, as long as you have a 60 day wait in between the exams. I'm taking my first one in 2 weeks. I figured out that gives me just enough time to re-sit if I have to. I started my final 3 prereqs. this Monday just gone. It is crazy busy because I'm taking 4 science classes all on the 8 week accelerated program. I'm turning in assignments every few days. Probably not my wisest decision but if I'd done the traditional 16 week classes, I wouldn't have finished on time to get my application in before May 31st!
  2. by   Kaylynn1
    I bet you will do great in your classes! I want to retake the hesi but I am nervous I may do worse and I am not sure if they take the better grade or the most recent so I am a bit hesitant
  3. by   Union-Jack
    Hmm - that's a good point! Contact the nursing advisor. If they take the better of the two, then you have nothing to lose! How do you get your scores after you finish? Do they print them out for you or something? Or does it get emailed?
  4. by   Kaylynn1
    Yes they print them for you ! Also when your done with each section you can see your percentage that was helpful for me because if I did poorly on one section I knew I needed to do better on another.
  5. by   Union-Jack
    That's good to know. I'm planning to take mine in about 2 weeks - goodness knows when I'll have a chance to study thought because I'm overwhelmed with work from my classes!!
  6. by   Kaylynn1
    True true that is a heavy load I would take a few days to look over what they expect. There is a Quizlet out there that has all of the vocab you need to know and that helped so much I got 100% for that section. And take your time on the reading. I kind of rushed through that and it lowered my score
  7. by   Union-Jack
    I'm mostly worried about the grammar stuff, because of all the rules!
  8. by   Kaylynn1
    Yea I was too but it was not horrible look up grammar quizzes. I believe soft schools has some good ones I scored highest in math vocab and grammar I slacked off in reading:/ lol sad because if I didn't skim I would have scored much higher
  9. by   Union-Jack
    Pheeeeeeeeeeew! I took the HESI today. Wow, that is a long exam. At least for me, because I took your advice and took my time. I started to panic a bit when half an hour had gone by and I'd only done 10 questions, but I caught up in the easier sections. I'm happy with my scores, which is a relief because I won't have a re-sit hanging over my head now!

    For those yet to take it: make sure you allow yourself enough time to fill out the paperwork, head over to the cashier's office, pay, get back to the testing center and allow the 4 hours to take the exam. You may finish much faster, of course, but you don't want to be forced to finish before you're ready because you didn't give yourself enough time!

    The sections are split up into the categories of math, grammar, vocab, and reading comprehension. Once you decide on your answer, you can't go back to check them over or change it, so bare that in mind when you select a response! Once you hit submit, that's it!

    The math had a load of ratio questions for me, but I think everyone gets a slightly different test so you may not experience that. There was a bunch of metric, a lot of fractions, percentages etc.

    Once you complete the section, you are given the score immediately. Then you get a composite score at the end. They print your results ot for you, because that is what you have to take with you when you put in your application.

    Good luck!
  10. by   Erobles1103
    I submitted my traditional app earlier this month, and submitting my CEP app after I finish Microbiology in May.

    I chose Mesa AM as 1st choice and ASU as UNI.

    Really hoping I get in!
  11. by   Kaylynn1
    I am choosing the same c.c and university hope to see you ! Also I checked with the advisors and they accept your vest overall beau score not most recent so I think I am going to retake it to score higher . Any tips will be appreciated
  12. by   TiahnaThorson
    I turned my CEP application in December but unfortunately was not picked for CEP. I also turned my regular application in Jan 8, 2016.
    Hoping to get in this next round. The waiting process is horrible.
    My #1 is mcc, then Cgcc.
    Hoping to start CEP with Nau or Asu. I will have to wait until my Chemistry class is completed to apply again.
    Best of luck everyone!
  13. by   Kaylynn1
    Best of luck to all! And does anyone know what time the mcc evening classes start for the nursing program?