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I am well aware that me getting that golden ticket(email) saying that I've been placed on Tuesday is a long shot, but can it come already? The fact that there are over 100 less spots this time and the fact that there seems to be... Read More

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    Your right SHAMBRALAM, you do have a real early stamp, so I'm not quite sure how far in October they got and they weren't offering up any additional info either. They did say they had to skip lots of people due to their choices(whatever that means). I have 5 choices picked and I think I have a wide range of them picked, but who really know's. Best of luck to you and let us know if you got in on the 15th.


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    I'm also waiting my date is 10/16/09 8:05 I have 2 selections both part time programs, I really hope enough people defer so I can start in the fall!!!
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    pkr2010 I have never prayed for deferals as much as I have for this coming semester as crazy as it sounds
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    Is no one defering? How do we find out if theres any open spots and how many? I cant wait for tuesday....I really hope i get into gcc weekend...
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    Hey pkr2010 I thought it was just me so I didn't say anything because I didn't want to seem overly anxious So I called the hotline not knowing what to ask and just thought I would be honest. I asked the woman who answered the phone if it was normal that a week after placement there weren't any deferals? What she told me was they aren't going to show the deferals, instead they are just going to place when the time comes on Tuesday. When I asked why they were doing that, she said they really want people to get placed where they really want to go as opposed to seeing what was available and then making choices based on availability and not preference(does that make sense)? It did to me because I'm one of those who changes choices after first placement based on whats available at the time Good luck.
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    Thank you for that....Did she tell you what the likelyhood of us getting placed would be? I am overly anxious because I like to plan and this waiting stuff is stressful lol I REALLY want to get placed for fall lol
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    Hey pkr2010 she did not, I am just like you, I have 3 young son's so planning ahead has become a way of life for me. I always planned to start in Fall, but there are still tons of people in front of me, so we will see. I leave for spring break tomorrow and dont come back till late Tuesday, so I'm hoping there will be good news when I land

    Good luck to ya.
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    Thank you and Good luck as well, I am leaving monday for vacation with my family I have 2 young daughters and wont be back until thursday! My fingers are crossed!!!
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    Officially placed GCC full time, choice two! I wish everyone luck!
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    Congrats to you SHAMBRLAM

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