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    I am a new grad. Graduated in May and passed nclex in June. Can anyone please tell me there are hospitals in the yuma, az area that are still hiring new grads? I currently live in san diego, ca and I having a hard time finding a job. I am asking about the yuma area because i have family there and the transition will be easier for me because i will have a place to stay until i can live on my own.

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    ok i guess not
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    Check out this thread, it's from a couple of months ago, but there's some good information in there.

    Yuma Regional Medical Center + New Grad RN opinions
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    I moved from San Diego to Yuma when I was 15... I still haven't found a way to "dig out." I wouldn't suggest moving here to anyone. One hospital. I mean, enough said. Stay where there is variety and diversity. I wouldn't say it's impossible to find a job here, but you're very limited because there is "NOTHING" bordering Yuma. Just Mexico and about 2 hrs of desert either way you drive.
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    Yuma Regional Medical Center is indeed the only hospital in the area. That shouldn't make it hard to find a job, though; Yuma County has a shortage of 1,400 nurses!!! (I know this because I spent my summer doing a health needs assessment of Yuma County.) Everyone wants to move to the cities and the rural areas get ignored. Yuma County needs the help of health care professionals.
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    I applied at YRMC last month and got an email stating that they had their full capacity of new grads at the moment. Do you think they just sent me that email because I didn't have an AZ license? I haven't endorsed my CA license yet.

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