Hmmm. Changes for transfer to ASU

  1. Tried looking for a thread on this, but am a bit weary from the kiddos and studying. Looking at ASU's website today and they are saying applicants need to have taken 11 of 17 crit prereqs from them to transfer in. Elsewhere it says that prereqs at asu now weigh heavier than prereqs at cc's.

    Anyone with any experience with this. Ive taken almost all my prereqs at the CC level. Do they expect me to finish at the CC and then path rn-bsn or retake those prereqs at asu??

    TIA for any info!
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  3. by   Encarn
    You have all the basics covered.

    You have to complete a minimum of 11 of 17 pre-reqs at ASU.

    When applying to the program slots are competitive. You can now get a total of 8.00 pts for ranking. 6 possible points come from GPA and 2 from the TEAS.

    You take 17 of 17 pre-req's at ASU and have a 4.0 GPA. They then multiply your GPA by 1.5 which gives you 6 points.

    If you have 12-16 pre-req's at ASU, they multiply by 1.4 multiplier.
    If you have 11 pre-req's at ASU, they multiply by 1.3 multiplier.

    If an ASU student with a 3.8 applies with 17/17 at ASU, he gets 5.7 points out of a possible 6.
    In my case I can take 11 pre-req's at ASU. I have a 4.0 GPA. I would get 5.2 points out of a possible 6.

    So basically, to be competitive in the application you have to take almost all of your pre-req's at ASU. Some ASU applicants from Spring '11 and Summer '11 were saying that the nursing program may push these changes back past Fall '11.

    I am applying to NAU and U of A as a result of these changes.

    p.s. - the nursing info .pdf mentions explicitly that the intent for CC students is to bridge with the RN-BSN program to ASU. Seeing as Maricopa County has a 2+ year waiting list for ADN programs... yeaaaaaah
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  4. by   Zphreaky1
    Jeez that sounds like another ASU money grab to me.

    Thanks for the info I 'preciate it
  5. by   Southern Magnolia
    Unbelievable! Once upon a time I wasn't sure where in Az we were going to end up so I was trying to cover my bases for all three Universities. I was already irritated w/ ASU b/c there were so many more prerequisites than the other programs. I'm so glad we ended up in Tucson where I have two choices. Fingers crossed I get in NAU- Tucson program.

    I hope they push thus off for everyone's sake that has been planning on getting their prerequisites done at the CC.