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Hi, everyone I was accepted into the Concurrent Program at GCC in the fall but starts this summer with the NAU class. I was wanting to know if there was anyone else on here who got accepted? :) I hope everyone who wanted in... Read More

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    @nau nurse
    I wish I could come but I have to work...Looking forward to meeting all of you once school starts

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    hi everyone! we are starting to receive our acceptance letters for spring 2013 cep program. i am wondering for those of you who are in the program with gcc and nau how is the first class going? was there a book? was the cost what you expected for the class and book, if needed? thanks for being willing to pass on this information for us!

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    I'm in the most recent NAU/GCC cohort. Classes start June 4 so I can't give you too much advance info (yet). However, we have already received the syllabus for NUR 330, the summer class. Two texts are required. One is a very thin little paperback that I thought was way overpriced given its brevity, but oh well, I think that is how nursing textbooks go. I might as well get used to it. The course cost was as expected for a 3-credit course -- just a little over $300 per credit, as we were told in the information sessions. I think there may have been a few extra fees, but I recall not being surprised at all by the NAU tuition invoice; it was pretty much what we were told it would be.
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    Acceptance letters have started to go out for Fall 2013 placement!!!! I cannot find any other related discussions so I thought I would post on here! I just got my E-mail this morning, as did a classmate, for GCC placement. I am so excited!!!! I would like to get to know as many people as possible since we are going to be spending A LOT of time together Congratulations to every one who got in!!!
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    Congrats what was your GPA and Hesi scores?
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    I got my email Wednesday. I wanted GCC but got into EMCC, they said because of demographics. If anyone who got into GCC wants to switch please respond. Other than this I am extremely excited to finally begin.
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    BSN-Path, I'm so sorry I never saw this question until now. A bit late now but hope you are adjusting well! The first CEP group is now in block IV!! I can't believe it! Finishing up Psych and moving onto CC next week. It's funny you had asked if I found it harder with the NAU class on top of the nursing program, but I didn't know and still don't know any different. It was my first time doing it all ha ha! Again hope you are doing well!!
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    Those of you have been placed for fall 2013 can you post your GPA so those of us who haven't heard have an idea if we have a chance! Please and thank you!
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    I got in at GCC got my email at 7 this morning! Congrats to everyone else that got in!
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    Quote from Brl09
    I got in at GCC got my email at 7 this morning! Congrats to everyone else that got in!
    Yay! We should start a closed fb group so that we can all get to know each other. For Anyone else wanting stats for acceptance my GPA was 3.5 and my Hesi math was 92 and english 95. FYI they did say that they look to see if you have ever retaken any of the classes they are looking at. Something I hadnt heard so I thought it could help people working on prereqs

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